Demon Girl trailer actually has decent CGI

Fantasy romance  Demon Girl released its first trailer, and surprisingly, the CGI actually looks decent, as does the cinematography.

The series is produced for and plans for a summer release.  Also, we now finally have a synopsis for this!

Demon Girl 半妖倾城 is centered around a group of aliens who lands on earth in the late Qing, most notably our female lead’s mother (Ady An Yixuan). Ignoring issues about interspecies breeding, our female lead (newcomer Liu Yitong) grew up years later without knowing her half-alien identity. Something clear happened and she went through terrigenesis  discovered her alien powers.  She’s supported by a human love interest (Zhang Zhehan), a scientist love rival who uncovered her secret (He Ruixian), and a half-alien love interest (Merxat).


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