Joe Chen, Wang Kai love and torment in new posters

 What kind of fashion designer would chose murder by stabbing? Think of the clothes that would get ruined!

Is it an issue that I  already ship this on-screen pair from the photoshoot video alone?

Chen Qiao’en and Wang Kai look stunning in the first posters for Stay With Me 放弃我抓紧我 that actually feature the two together.   We’re already seeing tons of chemistry between the leads from behind-the-scenes. This photoshoot was done the first day the actors met, and all that was going through my head for the second half of the video was “kiss already!”


7 thoughts on “Joe Chen, Wang Kai love and torment in new posters

  1. Joe Chen is really charming on screen and she was unexpectedly charismatic as DongFangBuBai, but seriously she has no eye for choosing mainland projects and as proven Tong Hua’s latest production (Chronicle of Life) is a disaster so I’m banking my goodwill toward this drama on her chemistry with Wang Kai, so far it doesn’t disappoint

    • But SOP Queen was so cute!

      But yeah, the script concerns me given the company’s record. They had a great first drama, and then went downhill from there. And one of the scriptwriters for this is the one who did the last Joe Chen drama with them (urgh). On the positive side, the other one is the chief writer for Wuxin, so maybe she could save it?

      • I thought SOP Queen was a collaboration between Taiwan and China? On Wuxin’s chief writer as one of the writers: that’s good news! Thanks for the info~

        • SOP Queen is produced by Huanrui and Gcoo via Mingdao Workshops (which I believe is Shanghai-based ). The director is Taiwanese, but I just went through Baike and every mainland drama she’s been in has a director from either TW or HK (this might explain the lack of push for decent line-reading … ).

  2. They’re both really open, easy-to-get-along-with people. Qiao En is really easy-going and happy and boisterous-type with most everyone, and Nick laughs a lot and is also the happy sort, and he isn’t standoffish or slow to warm at all; he’s also pretty open and willing to talk to people. Knowing their on-screen personas, it’s hard to imagine them NOT getting along fabulously. They prob hit it off pretty quickly.

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