Noble Aspirations releases more character posters

Ooooh. We get a different pose this time around too as opposed to the “I’m standing and doing something interesting-looking” one…

Noble Aspirations 青云志 has not ceased its flood of character stills. Here are the stills of Tang YixinJiao Junyan, Zhou Xiaohuan, etc.    Starring Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying,  and Yang Zi, at least these stills come with more stylistically different backgrounds.

More stills below the cut.


Maybe it’s just me but I have to say that some of these costumes are starting to look like copy and paste jobs of each other in different colors…

4 thoughts on “Noble Aspirations releases more character posters

  1. They keep releasing stills after stills since the filming started and I continue to have no reason to watch this beside Yang Zi

    • There’s been some other stills released more recently that seem to have better backgrounds and I think it helps.

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