Why do foxes never fall in love with other foxes? Interspecies love must be so hard.

Azure Hills (Qing Qiu) seems to be the Hollywood of Chinese mythology lately, with foxes popping out left and right to capture the heart of the mortal world.  Here’s the latest set of stills from Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Acres of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 , featuring Azure Hills’ new stars,  Baiqian (Yang Mi), Fengjiu (Dilraba), and their friends Mark Zhao, Gao Weiguang, Yu Menglong, Ken Chang, Zhang Binbin, Zhu Xudan,  and Huang Mengying.










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6 thoughts on “Yang Mi, Mark Zhao reporting from Azure Hills”

        1. Hahaha. These Taiwanese American/Canadians. Hawt.

          By that I just mean they may be Chinese but have families in Taiwan and NA. Don’t anyone go :| on me. :)

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