Wang Kai for CosmoBride, The Knot


I couldn’t come up with a caption for this that doesn’t end with in bed..

Actor Wang Kai poses for wedding magazines CosmoBride and The Knot to remind prospective brides of what they could be missing out on by tying the knot.

Don’t forget to catch him in  The Foxes of Azure Hills/Legend of Qing Qiu Foxes  that’s currently airing.   His chapter, which begins on episode 21, should hopefully will be subbed on Viki soon here.

I’m guessing Wang Kai’s worked with the script himself since his dialogues are clearly more logical than the rest of the series.   He also has more scenes where he’s acting without lines, which indicates to me that he can probably visualize the scene more than any of the scriptwriters or directors so far. The script still has plenty of flaws,  but given the other chapters, I think he went beyond my expectations for the role.

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Why get married when Wang Kai is still available?

Why get married when Wang Kai is still available?


3 thoughts on “Wang Kai for CosmoBride, The Knot

  1. okay. i’ve got an answer for this question “when will you get married?”, when i attend my friend’s wedding next week. for this kind of question, i used to answer.. “may… maybe yes… maybe no.”

    but now.. i’ll change it to your caption. “Why get married when Wang Kai is still available?” haha. then i will definitely get another question. “who is he?” then all i need to answer is “the sexiest man alive!” haha. thanks ^^

  2. Anyone know why the story before Wang Kai’s in Foxes got cut? I mean I’m happy to see Wang Kai but at least give the previous story an actual ending – it looked like it was just at the climax. I can’t find any uncut version either :(

  3. Haha, did I mention I love your captions? Whether they be funny/punny/witty, they always make me laugh! (:

    I actually don’t like looking at photoshoots of my favourite stars, particularly the ones where they’re supposed to exuding sexy/cool. There’s something about knowing its deliberate that just makes it awkward to me, and the moment I start taking a glance or two more, I just start seeing how this and that looks off or unnatural or awkward etc. etc. And ofc, there’s all the photoshopping afterwards and what not.

    I much prefer candids, especially smiling and laughing ones, and so I’m glad you included that last photo! That V those fingers make! So slender! *-*

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