Runway character posters for Demon Girl

More dark secrets from the fashion industry, as if Hugo Boss’s history was not enough, now we find out that demons are the ones really running the show.

More character posters for Demon Girl 半妖倾城 have been released. Starring Liu YitongZhang Zhehan,  Merxat, Hong Xiao, and Dai Xiangyu, be prepared for what looks like a more high-fashioned take on the late Qing dynasty to the Republican era.

More character posters below the cut.

5 thoughts on “Runway character posters for Demon Girl

  1. I did not know that Hugo Boss had such shady pasts …..
    Also, I really, really like the poster and costumes for this series. It’s a huge step up from the flashy and colorful but cheap-looking posters and costumes of Yu Zheng’s previous dramas. These actually look like there’s elements of design and quality, and the posters are a lot more richer in tone.

    • They have been fashionably different without going overboard and being weird so far… which is definitely a plus. Also, it’s nice to have a more different take on historical clothing since a lot of costumes are kind of starting to “look the same” if you know what I mean… so adding some fashionably creative quirks I feel really worked here.

    • I feel like Yu Zheng tends to be able to perform in terms of production and styling… script, acting, and other factors may be something he still needs to work out…

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