Runway character posters for Demon Girl

More dark secrets from the fashion industry, as if Hugo Boss’s history was not enough, now we find out that demons are the ones really running the show.

More character posters for Demon Girl 半妖倾城 have been released. Starring Liu YitongZhang Zhehan,  Merxat, Hong Xiao, and Dai Xiangyu, be prepared for what looks like a more high-fashioned take on the late Qing dynasty to the Republican era.

More character posters below the cut.


Sinology Sunday: March 6, 2016

This week, take a look at clothing from the later Eastern Han dynasty from Danshi Xiangsi‘s 但使相思 weibo.  Remember that this general style of dress persisted from the late Eastern Han dynasty through the Three Kingdoms period (Kingdom of Wei) and Jin Dynasty but also seems to have had some influence during the Northern and Southern Dynasties.  This will also help people get an idea of the evolution of Hanfu after Princess Jieyou.

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