Sisterhood of Ode to Joy looking fabulous in trailer


So much talent, looks, and personality in one trailer!

This trailer is actually so much better than I expected it to be! Everyone’s on point with their characters, and the trailer looks both fun and dramatic.

So here’s our Ode to Joy  欢乐颂, set to air on April 17, introducing the adorable  residents  of 2201 and the males in their lives,  Liu Tao, Jiang XinYang Zi,  Wang Ziwen, Qiao Xin, Zu Feng,  Yang Shuo, Zhang Lu,  Wang Kai, Jin Dongand Zhang Xiaoqian,

P.S. Wang Ziwen said that for all of her scenes with Wang Kai, pretty much if the two can’t come up a way to make their scene cute, they’ll just make out, so expect lots of cuteness from the pair.

8 thoughts on “Sisterhood of Ode to Joy looking fabulous in trailer

  1. Haha! This looks great and like it’s going to be really interesting! So many people I love all in one drama, and of course: WANG KAI!!! I think he mentioned in an interview something about lots of kiss scenes for this drama. Haha. Not really going to complain about that because his kissing seems pretty great.

  2. Wang Ziwen really knows how to make Wang Kai work hard haha. Don’t blame her, if I got a chance to kiss Wang Kai as much as I can within a couple of months, I’d do it!

    • I’ve read that he’s suppose to just be a platonic friend, but you never know with adaptations. I was surprised to see Zu Feng even in an almost sex-scene.

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