Liu Haoran back to school in With You

As one of the youngest actors to star in a 100+ million film, Liu Haoran’s one of the most promising actors of his generation.

“He was already the best he could be, but I didn’t find the best in me until years later.”

Welcome to another installment in the recent surge in high school dramas, but with a better filter than the previous ones, and I believe a male lead who can actually act.   With You 最好的我们  stars Liu Haoren, Tan Songyun, and Wang Yuexin, and airs on April 8th on iQiyi.  Treasure this while you can, because  is probably the last low budget productions for Liu Haoren since he’s made his name in Chinatown Detective.

Revive is China’s biggest budgeted BL drama yet

Unlike Nirvana in Fire, Revive clearly hasn’t shy’ed away from its canon ship.

Revive is probably the highest-budgeted BL drama so far in China. The cinematography looks nice, the lighting is super bright, there’s plenty of profile shots, and Xu Haiqiao and Han Chae-youn are really pretty.  It’s clear the drama is definitely selling the multiple BL ships in the drama, although I don’t know how far they’ll go (the published book remained mostly platonic, the online version had sex scenes).

The series stars Ma Ke, Xu Haiqiao, Zhang XinyuHan Chae-youn, and Pong Nawat Kulrattanarak, and airs once a week on Tencent.  You can watch it  on Youtube here.


Novoland: The Castle in the Sky releases teaser

I’m sorry but his face and body positioning here cracks me up…. what gives?!?

Novoland: The Castle in the Sky has released character posters.  Starring Zhang Ruoyun, Guan Xiaotong,  SNH48’s Ju Jingyi, Liu Chang, Chen Ruoxuan, Zhang Luyi, and Liu Min, you might be wondering why everybody has wings and that’s probably understandable after reading the spoiler below.

This is the third drama after Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy and City of Hopeless Love to be set in the fantasy realm of Novoland. The three are not produced by the same company.  Unlike the other two, which are adaptations, this is an original story focusing on the winged race , one of the six races of Novoland. The main conflict point seems to be the fall of a floating city constructed by the winged race and the various misunderstandings and schemes that come into play after the fall.

More character posters below.


L.O.R.D. Fan Bingbing just as gorgeous in CGI

How's this for good CGI?
Can you tell this Fan Bingbing is all CGI?

China’s first motion capture animation film L.O.R.D. 爵迹 released its first sneak peek of its CGI, this time featuring actress Fan Bingbing.

The film is set for a September 30 release. (My heart shattered a little when I heard the time. Railroad Tigers is airing the same weekend, so the chances of that screening when there’s L.O.R.D. at the same time in North America is small. Nooooo.)

Happy Easter/Paris casting call from Stay With Me

Chen Qiao’en looking adorable as a queen or a princess.

Spring is coming, it’s the perfect time to fall in love with this new set of much chirpier photoshoot from Stay With Me. This set of posters actually has nothing to do with Easter other than the pastels, but happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it!

Btw, the script is confirmed to be by Xu Ziyuan (WuXin: Monster Killer, yay!)  and Qian Jingjing (Destined to Love You and Cage of Love, urgh) .

Also, the cast will be filming in Paris next week.They’re looking for a male to read Oscar Wilde, some extras of Chinese origin, and Caucasian male thugs if you’re interested.

Chemistry off-screen, too!
I can’t decide if this is super adorable, if he’s trying to strangle her, or if she’s using his arm as a pull-up bar.


Wu Xiubo, Liu Tao, M.I.C. take over the Cao empire

The genes for good looks clearly run in this family.

Wu Xiubo, Liu Tao, Janine Chang, Wang Dong, and M.I.C. boyband‘s Tan Jianci and Xiao Shunyao form the extraordinarily good-looking Sima family in The Advisors Alliance 军师联盟.   The series follows the Sima Yi‘s initial support for and then eventual coup d’état of the Cao Wei Kingdom.

For those of you confused,  Wu Xiubo and Wang Dong play brothers. Liu Tao and Zhang Junning play Wu Xiubo’s wives.  Tan Jianci and Xiao Shunyao play Liu Tao and Wu Xiubo’s sons.   Now you’re probably even more confused …. On the side of the Cao family, we have Yu Hewei, Li Chen, Zhai Tianlin, Tang Yixin, Wang Renjun, Zhang Zhixi, and Liu Huan.