Yang Mi speaks the language of love in The Interpreters

Huang Xuan and Yang Mi

That drama where the male lead is the only one who doesn’t work for Yang Mi.

The Interpreters/Les Interprètes 翻译官 is produced by and stars Yang Mi.  The series co-stars Huang Xuan, Zhou Qiqi, and a cohort of Yang Mi’s minions –  Gao Weiguang, Li Xirui, and Zhang Yunlong, as a group of French interpreters/ambassadors to Switzerland with complicated love stories that I can’t synopsize because they clearly completely changed the story from the novel (which is good, fyi ).

The trailer surprisingly used their original voices, so I hope the actors actually learned some French for this series. It’s set to air in April.

Gao Weiguang vs Zhou Qiqi

Gao Weiguang pretending to not see Zhou Qiqi.

Li Xirui and Zhang Yunlong!!!

Zhang Yunlong is the only male who seems to actually be happy..

5 thoughts on “Yang Mi speaks the language of love in The Interpreters

  1. wow.. looks promising, i seriously hope, viki gets the license of this drama. and they sub this one. all my hope to you dearest subbers ^^

    the storyline seems good. i like Yang Mi when she acts all strong, the male lead is the one who now acting with LSS and WH.. oh… can’t wait for this one :D

  2. The trailer seems interesting, and I really like the idea of a show around interpreters/translators. It’s really nice that they’re using everybody’s natural voice (more shows need that), but I hope the French will be decent lol.

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