Hu Ge, Wallace Huo show off their bromance for Harper’s Bazaar

This is probably one of my favorite men’s photo shoots yet. Harper’s Bazaar has taken to a snowy field to remind us that we were pretty lucky Chinese Paladin 3 put Hu Ge and Wallace Huo onto the same screen. I can’t decide who’s prettier. Look below the cut for more pictures. (P.S. They should have brought their fur coats). 

20 thoughts on “Hu Ge, Wallace Huo show off their bromance for Harper’s Bazaar

  1. They look so gorgeous and handsome…But as much as they look so fine in the smoking photos I don’t really like that concept, anyone who smokes is just a no no for me. They look so magical, I love how the snow adds on to the mood. Gorgeous~

  2. So excited when I saw this! Omg, hope they can release more BTS of them interacting (in video form). As mentioned above, the photo shoot staff could have done better considering the crazy chemistry between those two, but in general I am just super happy to see them pose together.

  3. To be honest I hate the thought of celeb smoking and them flaunting it (especially my two love birds here) but this is really nothing new… Celeb smokes all the time in photoshoot so I dont see the big deal anymore…. love this photoshoot though

  4. A big turn off too see them touting their cigarettes……they should have known better than to pose this way

  5. Sigh so much potential for a photoshoot with the two best looking guys in the industry and it ends like this. I’ve seen much better photoshoots – this actually looks amateur compared to other ones. And a big no to the smoking shots.

    • I’m not sure about Wallace Huo, but I know Hu Ge is a pretty big smoker in real life. He, Jin Dong, and director Li Xue tried to stop smoking together during The Disguiser but all failed …

          • The culture is different, though. Smoking is a lot more common in China in general, and is often socially required.
            I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes myself, and not infrequently yell at people who smoke in inappropriate places when I go to china, but I feel more lenient in my judgment of Chinese actors when they smoke… Although, I mostly don’t want them to smoke because I’m concerned for their health, especially their voices.

          • Those smoking pose was likely thought up by the magazine team and not the boys themselves. Either way, I don’t smoke but I am accepting when people do smoke. It is their bodies and I shouldn’t make decisions for them. Just don’t smoke in my face. What I don’t condone is promoting smoking. So many magazines shoots, ads, movies portrays smoking as cool to do when it really is horrendous for the body.

            However like idarklight mentioned, some people smoke to socialize, I would compare that to the even more popular-socialize drinking. I don’t drink either, not even to socialize, so I am met with odd looks when I turn down drinks. It’s just become more socially acceptable to drink then smoke, when both are bad for the body. I suppose what I’m trying to say is, I’m sure we all have habits others deem inappropriate or bad, I hope this doesn’t turn you away from these two great guys as a fan. Wallce and Hu Ge are great in so many other ways and worthy of their legion of fans.

            • I so agree, its true, I hate smoking and smokers but what can i do if its those peoples way of coping…. I do hate the fact Hu ge and Wallace smoke but that does not stop me from loving these guys because they are two of the best actor who work hard to get where they are, good guys with great personality, and two of the best looking guys in china (Well for me)… but judging them over one photoshoot with cigarette is too much…

        • I wouldn’t call Wallace a big smoker. He hardly ever smokes anymore. He did say when he first came to China, drinking and smoking was something that he used to cope with stress. He knows now that was wrong and extremely bad for him. He said in an interview last year that he has finally begun to love himself and be good to himself.

          • Oh thats good to hear, smoking is really damaging to health and affects the ones around you through second hand smoke. My knowledge must be outdated because I remember awhile ago fans encouraged Wallace to stop smoking but he became annoyed at those fans’ lack of respect for him so he smoked even more. Tbh Wallace is such a mysterious man so I don’t even attempt to find out more about him other than his projects.

            • May I say your Wallace knowledge is indeed outdated. I heard about that too, but that was long ago during his idol days in Taiwan. Although he still is sensitive, just not rash anymore.

              He is mysterious, yet so damn fascinating to me. No denying it, he’s got me wrapped around his finger.

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