Zhang Ruoyun streetstyle shoots


Actor Zhang Ruoyun in a series of streetstyle photoshoots.  His chapter of The Foxes of Azure Hills/Legend of Nine Tails Fox, where he is caught in a love triangle between a human (Qiao Xin) and a fox spirit posing as the human (Chen Yao), recently finished airing last weekend. He has also just been announced as the lead for an upcoming detective series Medical Examiner Qi Ming 法医秦明.

Which look is your favorite?  Mine is actually the Uniqlo-Zara-H&M outfit that probably cost a tenth of the other outfits.

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2 thoughts on “Zhang Ruoyun streetstyle shoots

  1. …Oh man. Love them all.

    I actually rather like him…but…His acting and characterization in Fox Legend just really bothers me. From Happy Camp and stuff, I know he can be smirk-y, charming, charismatic, very bad-boy-esque. But in both Wuxin Monster Killer and Fox Legend, he’s sullen-ly, pining, with a perpetual dead/wimpy/pathetic-depression look. Like, that works for his character in Wuxin Monster Killer…wait no, his acting was BETTER in WXMK because he was also angry, bitter, jealous, emotional. In Fox Legend, his acting isn’t subtle enough, but while that was ok in WX cuz he got a decent character (mostly), it doesn’t fly in Fox Legend because not only do his skills need honing, his Fox Legend character/scripting is disgustingly simple and cliché, so he’s left in a situation where he doesn’t have the skills to turn crap into gold and doesn’t have the material/script to make something with the skills he does have. …It’s just, he could do better; I feel like he’s got what it takes to do better. He just needs more time and experience. But while he doesn’t have those skills yet, he really needs to do a better job of choosing his work. Well, at this point when he’s still a newbie maybe he doesn’t have much freedom, but I hope later on he starts choosing better roles.

    • You should try watching his other previous works such as the war drama Black Fox (2011/2012) and New Snow Leopard (2014), plus modern drama Love Story 2012. He plays lead role in all 3.

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