Princess Jieyou releasing

Finds herself in an arranged marriage (heqin) to the less known Kingdom of Wusun.  Ends up marrying not only King Junxumi but also his successor King Wengguimi and HIS successor King Nimi. #FML

Princess Jieyou, starring Zhang Xinyi, Yuan Hong, Yuan Wenkang, and Liu Guanxiang, is set for release today, February 18th.  Despite not releasing many new promotional materials other than a few stills, we thought we would still make a post.

More stills below the cut.

10 thoughts on “Princess Jieyou releasing

  1. 6 episodes have been out on YouTube, and it’s so good that I was yearning for more after finishing ep 6 :). It has the chance to be the best among the major ones released at this point of this year, if they can keep the pace and the humor-and-drama balance like this. I’m expecting angsts in the upcoming episodes, but I hope they can still keep it in check. There are still questionable things, but not quite headdesking.

    I don’t think they stick with the real historical events, though :)

      • If only they deployed more Uyghur actors to play the Wusun characters 😕. Some articles claimed that the Wusuns were Aryan and described as having red hair and green eyes. Yuan Hong as the lead Wusun character is actually quite a stretch. But at least his facial features, IMO, don’t really look like typical Han Chinese (more Southeast Asian) and the guy can act.

        • There’s nothing to trace the Wusun to the Uyghurs, and it’s a pretty touchy political subject. The general Chinese stance is that most races before the Tang in the area are Aryan and are not related to the Uyghurs. Unfortunately, there’s not that many Aryans in China, so….

          • True. Well, it’s also still debatable whether Aryans and Turkic people are related (I read a claim that Aryans originally came from the Oghuz Turk).Despite Chinese political stance, I think having Uyghur actors, who physically resemble people of the Aryan race more than the other Chinese ethnicities, will make it more “authentic”. The Wusuns portrayed by this drama look like Khitans.

            Anyway, I still like this drama, as the theme and setting feel refreshing amid all these palace dramas.

  2. It seems like the fantasy aspects of the novel will probably be removed. However, roaming the plains with those gents – couldn’t be all bad, right?

    • Darn it – still okay on roaming the plains but just not the rest – that’s the plot of The Princess Wei Young.

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