Chen Xiao returns in The Three Heroes and Five Gallants

… and another drama joins the sudden diarrhea of drama releases… and of course they release the better-looking stills now so I have to give this a chance… RIP sleep…

The Three Heroes and Five Gallants is set going to air tomorrow, February 17th.  Starring Chen XiaoYan YikuanZheng ShuangLiang GuanhuaLiu DekaiXie ZhuMa Shuliang, and Zhang Zhixi, this is weird for me since I’m usually complaining about not having anything to watch or click through.  Now there’s simply too much!

More stills and goodies below the cut.

Theme song, Promo 1,

6 thoughts on “Chen Xiao returns in The Three Heroes and Five Gallants

  1. Whoa, this actually used the on-set recording. Yan Kuan’s lines are really good. Chen Xiao’s are not, although that may be because he apparently didn’t know they were going to use the on-set recording?

    • Certainly seems that way… I do wish some other dramas would be released to help with the variety of people we are seeing…

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