The Imperial Doctress to air

Ignore the historical inaccuracies on the story-side, gawk at successes on the costume-side… and wonder why Chinese drama releases are trying to put dark rings around our eyes…  We’re really all going to need doctors after this for sleep disorders…

The Imperial Doctress is set to air.  Starring Liu ShishiWallace Huo, Huang Xuan, Li Chengyuan, Jin Chen, and Yuan Wenkang, here is to more stills and goodies to drum up to the release.

More stills below the cut.

Promo 1, Promo 2, Promo 3, Promo 4, Promo 5, Promo 6, Promo 7, Promo 8, Promo 9, Promo 10, Promo 11, Promo 12, Promo 13Theme song 1, Theme song 2, Theme 2 (with credits)

In case there are repeats in the here, I apologize but there’s way too many for me to keep track of…

… and since this is the end of the post, I suppose I should apologize profusely in case you actually clicked “Promo 6.”

5 thoughts on “The Imperial Doctress to air

  1. Im still upset about the news of the OTP. Im hoping it was only a rumor and isn’t true. :( but regardless, I’ve been waiting a very long time for this drama. Im hoping that the subs would be ready by the time I finish The Disguiser. :D

    • Feel like I’ve given up on seeing Wallace Huo “get the girl” long ago. It seems like his preference to play the “third wheel”

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