Noble Aspirations releases stills

Celebrate for we have costumes in darker hues!!

Noble Aspirations 青云志 has released even more stills.  The character number is starting to get a bit crazy.

More stills below the cut.

5 thoughts on “Noble Aspirations releases stills

    • I don’t think they’re newcomers, probably just not popular. I actually recognize at least two actors who have acted as leads in early 2000s wuxia/ancient dramas before. Huang Hai Bing (黄海冰) was the lead in a lot of ancient dramas such as Ping Zhong Xia Ying 2003 (萍踪侠影) with Fan Bing Bing, and most notably Wu Lin Wai Shi (武林外史). He Zhong Hua (何中华) was the lead for Third Master’s Sword 2000. But I feel like these actors have just become side characters throughout the years. I recognize the actor in the last picture as Tang Yan’s dad in Legend of Fragrance. The actress Jiang Hong (姜鸿) in the pictures acted as side characters in quite a few notable dramas such as Butterfly Lovers and Female Prime Minister. Hope at least one of these ring a bell for you LOL. Now I feel so old since I actually recognize these actors/actresses.

        • No problem! I think I got too carried away with my reply. It’s just cause I had the biggest crush on Huang Hai Bing when I was younger, and when I saw your comment, I was like I know him!!!

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