William Chan for Elle, Modern Lady

Actor William Chan goes from fluffy in pj’s to rugged biker in two recent photoshoots.

His fantasy series The Legend of Zu  with Zhao Liyin is currently airing in fullon TV (watch it on YouTube here), and his modern rom com Because of Love 因为爱情有幸福  with Tang Yixin is set for a   March 1st release.

photo source: here and here.




2 thoughts on “William Chan for Elle, Modern Lady

  1. Very nice – except who those those fuzzy jammies were a fit for him? Silly stylist, jim jams are for kids. Men sleep in boxers.

  2. oh noooo, smexy william… *drooling* lol

    im loving him in modern costumes.. so.. im waiting for march!!!! hope the engsub will be fast hehe..

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