Ruby Lin with giant pizza
林心如: 這麼大!是想逼死誰[馋嘴][馋嘴][馋嘴]

A belated Happy Chinese New Year to all of our beloved Cfensi readers! Who else stuffed themselves silly with delicious food? It looks like Ruby Lin did too, although I hope y’all had better food than pizza. (I mean, no offense to pizza, which I love, but it just can’t compare with good Chinese food.)

So big! Who do you want to hound to death?

Yang Yang reminding you to spend time with family
杨洋icon: #春晚# 春节好好在家陪父母,一会儿记得收我的红包[阴险] 新年快乐[抢到啦][抢到啦][抢到啦]

I didn’t have time this year to devote to watching any of the New Year shows, except for this performance on CCTV by Yang Yang and veteran actor/singer Tong Tiexin. The song is titled “Father and Son” (父子) and follows the two from the son’s early years to the father’s late years. I was so moved (mostly because Yang Yang cried during the performance) that I wanted to resurrect our dead fansubbing YouTube channel, but luckily fans have already translated the song. (See the video’s description.)

#SpringFestivalGala# During the Lunar New Year, spend lots of time with your parents. In a bit, remember to collect my red envelope. Happy New Year.

Xuanzi and Li Mao married
弦子Stringer: 穿过那么多次婚纱,这次终于是真的了,李先生你愿意嫁给我吗[笑cry]@李茂CaeSaRL

In happy family news, singer Xianzi and actor Li Mao (previously of Top Combine) got married in mid-January! Xianzi has a few additional photoshoot pictures at her Weibo, while Li Mao also posted some really stunning photos on his Weibo. Congratulations to them!

After wearing the wedding dress so many times, this time it was finally real. Mr. Li, are you willing to marry me? @Li Mao

(For some reason, she uses the “marry” traditionally reserved for females getting married. Top Combine did this in one of their songs, but I believe it was on one of the albums after Li Mao left. Maybe it’s just a widespread joke now?)

Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng have first child
佟丽娅: [蛋糕]梨涡朵朵我来保护你@陈思诚

Actress Tong Liya and actor Chen Sicheng welcome their first child, whom they nicknamed Duo Duo, on January 30. Although they didn’t specifically reveal the child’s gender, Chen Sicheng implied that it was a boy after saying that the two of them would be responsible for protecting Tong Liya now.

Dimpled Duo Duo, I’m here to protect you @Chen Sicheng

Xie Na and He Jiong on the plane
谢娜: 飞机上,大脑门和大明星合影

Xie Na tries to take a photo of herself and He Jiong on the plane, confirming all of our suspicions that the selfie-with-a-celeb struggle is real.

On the plane, picture of a big star and our big heads

Wang Leehom balancing violin
王力宏: 運動,吃維他命,發微博…還有哪些事是每天都要做的?

Wang Leehom shows off his violin-balancing act, while also posing a question for thought.

Exercising, eating vitamins, and posting on Weibo… what other things must one do every day?

(Hopefully eating, sleeping, and using the restroom? lol.)

Wang Kai with nosebleed
王凯kkw: 我又没看啥,咋就这样了呢[泪]

Somehow Wang Kai ended up with a nosebleed, although he insists he has no idea how it got started. Netizens have overwhelmingly responded with “You must have been looking in a mirror!”

I wasn’t even looking at anything. How did I end up like this?

Yan Yikuan with puppy
严屹宽: 喵了个咪![哆啦A梦吃惊]周末还堵车[抓狂]不过大家放心吧,大红猫一直在保持好心情[哆啦A梦微笑]工作继续[挤眼]

Yan Yikuan shows off his cute side by cuddling with an adorable puppy. His newest drama, New Xiao Shiyi Lang (also known by the dubious title Shaw Eleven Lang) began airing yesterday — has anyone checked it out? I have the first two episodes downloaded but haven’t had time to actually watch them.

Give a meow! There’s still a traffic jam on the weekend. But everyone, don’t worry, the big red cat will continue maintaining everyone’s moods. Continue with work.

Deng Chao becomes a mermaid
邓超: 转发这条锦鲤,2016年行大运[心][心][心]#美人鱼大年初一#

I… don’t even know how to comment on this. Deng Chao dressed up as a mermaid on the beach, tagging his new movie The Mermaid (美人鱼), directed by Stephen Chow. I guess that’s one way to do promotions LOL. The Mermaid opened in theaters on the first day of the New Year and has already set box office records, so I guess their promotional tactics are working.

William Chan reassures fans after injury
William威廉陈伟霆: 不好意思,這段時間讓太家擔心了。這是小意外,不能怪誰也不准你們擔心!窩會吃飽飽做個飽飽…很快很快就會在你們面前跳來跳去!

On February 2, William Chan injured his left leg when a motorcycle hit him on the set of Old Nine Gates (老九门), forcing him to cancel his performance in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. The injury was diagnosed as an ankle ligament sprain. This is the second year in a row that William has been unable to perform during the Spring Festival Gala. Although he was disappointed at the turn of events, William still reassured fans that he is resting well and recovering.

I’m sorry for letting everyone worry during this time. This is just a small accident; there’s no one to blame, and I don’t allow you to worry! I will eat up… and very fast I will be bouncing around in front of you!

And some truly sobering news during the Chinese New Year season: a 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit southern Taiwan this past Saturday. At last count, 38 people have been killed, with more than 100 still unaccounted for. Please keep Taiwan in your thoughts and cherish your time with family during the holiday season.

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  1. Happy New Year! Poor William for missing out on the CCTV show twice. LOL at Ruby Lin’s pizza (looks delicious!) and wow at Wang Leehom. I bet he would be a great basketball player if he tried ;)

    1. LOL! I guess this is the week of mistaking celebs for other celebs. There is some resemblance to Aarif in the photo, I have to admit.

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