The Foxes of Azure Hills airs on Chinese New Year

The real reason this is airing relatively quickly after filming...

The real reason this is airing relatively quickly after filming…

The Foxes of Azure Hills/Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox seems to be set for release tomorrow, February 8th.  Starring Jiang Jinfu, Gulnazar, Jin Chen,  Mike D. AngeloXiao Caiqi,  Chen Yao, Zhang Ruoyun, Zhang RuoxuanJiang Kaitong, Zhai Tianlin, Fu Xinbo and Wang Kai, prepare for the usual promotion barrage.

Theme song by Yu Kewei below and more goodies below the cut.

Theme song 2, Insert song by Claire Kuo, Promo 1, Wang Kai Promo 2, Trailer-Promo 3,

For those of you who don’t know the girl splitting up your Wuxin ship,  Qiao Xin is the only young female actress signed to Daylight Entertainment (Nirvana in Fire, The Disguiser). She is also a Central grad, played a small role in Nirvana in Fire, and will be in in a love triangle with Wang Kai in Ode to Joy. Expect to see a lot more of her.[/caption]


17 thoughts on “The Foxes of Azure Hills airs on Chinese New Year

  1. Do you guys know the airing schedule for this drama? I thought it would be 2 episodes every day…but it’s not. So far I’ve been skipping around the 8 eps currently out – mostly waiting for wang kai and gina to show up.

  2. Finished Chapter 1. I cannot find a single good thing about this script nor the male lead (except maybe his face). He and Tang Yan’s character from Diamond Love should get together.

  3. I can’t understand the choice of.using ear cuff rather than fake elf-ear make up, aesthetic choice? People are excited for Wang Kai and I’m really curious how the chemistry will play out. They said he has better chemistry in bromamce than romance lol

    • They have elf-ear + colored lenses in fox spirit human form, and replace it with ear cuffs when they’re in their human form when among humans. I think it’s to represent their incomplete transformation?

      I’m super excited for Wang Kai’s romance scenes. From what I’ve heard from his female counterparts, he sounds amazing. All of the recent ones (Wang Ziwen, Chen Qiao’en, etc.) have said he’s full of ideas and comes up with a lot of additional cute interactions and jokes to make their scenes more interesting.

      My only concern about this is that since he wasn’t famous at the time, and at least the director for chapter 1 seems to be be unwilling to modify the script, so he might not have had room to really use his talents here to make the relationship happen … even Zhang Ruoyun and Chen Yao couldn’t make their ship work with this script, and they’ve played a successful ship before.

      • I am sooo looking forward to Wang Kai + Jin Chen’s scenes precisely because of what I have seen in the trailers and MVs. They give off the desperate, star-crossed lovers vibe that somehow just draws me into (and normally I’m not too fond of it :D). Maybe it’s just my shallow side because these two are gorgeous on their own and when put together :)))

  4. Watched eps 1+2 (Chen Yao + Zhang Ruoyun + Qiao Xin). It’s pretty typical Tangren? Cute, pretty, not that special. One thing that struck out to me was that Chen Yao is actually the best actor of the trio. I was hoping Qiao Xin would be better given that she’s from Central and in Daylight Ent. and all, but her expressions feel forced and her eyes were empty. I hope Daylight Entertainment doesn’t give her any lead roles until that gets fixed. Zhang Ruoyun felt the same way, but unfortunately he just landed a really good detective role.

    • Have yet to watch the first 2 episodes of Foxes of Azure Hills, but Zhang Ruoyun has lead at least 3 dramas (Black Fox, Love Story, and New Snow Leopard). From watching the above three, I feel he is more suited for modern and select period (Republic, war/espionage, and The Good Old Days genre) drama. Foxes of Azure Hills is his first “costume” period drama and I was hesitant of his choice role here. His upcoming role in Novoland: Castle in the Sky seems to be a better fit for him though.
      And I’m very excited that he is playing lead in the Forensic Qin Ming series.
      Will see how he handles his role in 15 Years Waiting for Migratory Birds, as it will be his 2nd modern drama (3rd if you count the webdrama Intouchable where he was like a guest star). He did a fantastic job of portraying Lin Heng in Love Story. Also anticipating for his series, Bao Feng Zou Yu to air sometime in May.

      • I finished ep2, and then watched 3+4. He did a decent job of pretending to be the fox pretending to be him.

        Also, that other guy looks so much like Hu Ge, and Qiao Xin remind me a bit of Sun Li (the one who used to be in Tangren) . At least we know that Tangren has super consistent standards of beauty.

        • Heh, on the other guy comment. He looks totally different w/ a bit of facial hair (looked slightly older with it when I last saw him in the modern drama Flowers Bloom in Winter with Deng Jiajia) that was completed in 2013 but didn’t air till 2015.

    • But I wasn’t impressed by Qiao Xin either in NiF. Maybe it was her character, maybe it was her delivery, I just found she was pretty boring there. (Or maybe it was just my personal bias because I felt so bad for Jinrui *sigh*). I don’t think it can be blamed on the limited screen time, because Wu Lei was quite impressive in his brief time in the Legend of Qin, IMO much more so than in NiF.

      • Wu Lei can act natural in most roles, though, and that goes pretty far even if he can’t do deeper roles (not that he can’t ,just that I haven’t seen him in one). Same with Chen Yao so far.

        To be fair the script and director are partly to be blamed for this scene so far, so it’s not all the actors’ fault. I hope the other directors/scriptwriters are better, or at least open to suggestions from the actors. At this point, if any of the actors manage to save the script without being able to deliver his own lines, I’m going to put him on an alter and worship him.

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