The Shaw Eleven Lang plans for release

Kitschy backgrounds: the best way to promote a drama.

The Shaw Eleven Lang has released more character stills and seems set to air on February 9th.  Starring Yan YikuanGan Tingting, Li Yixiao, Zhu Yilong, Zhang Hanyun, Ray Liu, Yuen Wah, and Yu Qingbin, I am going to give up on keeping track of which name they are going to point at this point and just go with this one.

More character stills below the cut



5 thoughts on “The Shaw Eleven Lang plans for release

    • Shaw = character’s last name (“Xiao” in pinyin)
      Eleven Lang = character’s given name, half translated into English (“Shiyi Lang” in pinyin)

      The title’s also been translated as “The Eleventh Son,” but imho there is really no great way to translate the entire meaning into English LOL.

      • The English translation sounds bizarre and utterly unnecessary. Why is it used for the above heading?
        I noticed the posters wisely used Xiao Shiyi Lang.

        • I believe they have been alternating between titles so… DX Which really brings the question of why they even bother to include an English title…

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