The Three Heroes and Five Gallants set to air

Just joining the sudden flood of everything and their mother being released…

The Three Heroes and Five Gallants is set to air on February 17th.  Starring Chen XiaoYan YikuanZheng ShuangLiang GuanhuaLiu DekaiXie ZhuMa Shuliang, and Zhang Zhixi, the story follows the novel of the same name and is set during the Northern Song dynasty.

More stills below the cut.

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5 thoughts on “The Three Heroes and Five Gallants set to air

  1. i hope zheng shuang would give us an epic acting performance! wow.. this girl.. i wonder how come she got so many projects with that standard of acting? sorry not sorry. but this both guys definitely looking so hawt! lol.

    • i agree with you, her acting has been so…moderate, hopefully she improves. luckily chen xiao is there to cover the loss with his good looks and acting. it’s been awhile since he’s in a period drama (except for the sequel adaptation of sound of the desert).

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