Noble Aspirations releases more character stills

It’s nice to know that not all the costumes for this drama were designed by Cinderella’s fairy godmother

Noble Aspirations 青云志 has released more stills.  Starring Li YifengZhao Liying, Qin Junjie, Cheng YiTang Yixin, Zhang Luyi, Wei WeiChe XiaoXiong NaijinYiyang Qianxi, Wang YuanWang Junkai, and Yang Zi, it’s nice that we get to see some different colored costumes…

More stills below the cut.

7 thoughts on “Noble Aspirations releases more character stills

  1. I wish they photoshopped Yang Zi’s face a little less. She’s so pretty naturally that I find these pictures really off-putting.

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