Chen Qiao’en, Wang Kai face-off in “Stay With Me”


At a news event recently, without knowing who he was, Chen Qiaoen’s mom picked out Wang Kai from photos of previous collaborators as her choice of son-in-law. Her mom said he was the best-looking and looked more gentle and friendly. Good choice.

Chen Qiao’en and Wang Kai face-off as the heads of rival fashion conglomerates in Stay With Me 放弃我抓紧我.  This latest drama from Dream Stardom is their biggest budgeted one yet, with a budget of over a million RMB for clothes alone    and a fashion stylist  from Huayi.  The series will also shoot in Paris.

Stay With Me co-stars Kimi Qiao Renliang, model Chen Ran, and newbie Zhang Xuanrui. It’s set for a summer 2016 release.


On the subject of fashion, Wang Kai attended the Milan Men’s Fashion Week last week. Accompanying him were Sohu Entertainment, a couple of streetstyle photoshoot teams, and L’Officiel Hommes. It sounds like he was doing photoshoots whenever he was not at a show, so you can expect a lot of photoshoots to add to his existing 26 photoshoots in the past three months.

Fans followed him everywhere, so much that his fans made the New York Times for their fanaticism (but really? you’re impressed by 110 retweets and 261 favorites in a hour? The screencap of the same tweet on Weibo probably got that much in a minute. ).


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9 thoughts on “Chen Qiao’en, Wang Kai face-off in “Stay With Me”

  1. count me in! haha.. im sooo ready for this one. finally our Wang kai got the lead title. Wow, after years, congratz dude! you deserve it :D

    i like this jie. she’s one of my fave. i watched many of her projects, but… her previous drama with HXM was such a meh. her acting wasn’t great too. im gonna root for this pairing. both are awesome!

  2. In an interview, Chen Qiaoen said she and Wang Kai would make up a lot of their own cute interactions for the show. Yay! It’s those small moments that really make the chemistry work and I think what really makes Wang Kai sparkle even in dull roles like Li Xunran.

  3. Aw, is poor Kimi going to play the second-male lead in a Chen Qiao’en drama again? lol.

    And HAHAHA seriously at the “In just over an hour, a slightly fuzzy image of Mr. Wang posted to this reporter’s Twitter feed accumulated 110 retweets and 261 favorites” remark. That’s not impressive at all!

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