Son of Hero begins filming

… and it is nice to see some dramas exploring the war genre…

Gao Yunxiang is now starring in Son of Hero 惊天岳雷 as Yue Lei, the son of Yue Fei.  I am still waiting for a page to be established somewhere with the rest of the cast but it looks like more fighting in the Southern Song dynasty to come.

More stills below the cut.

8 thoughts on “Son of Hero begins filming

  1. Omg is that Shi Xiao Long?! I’ve missed him! He’s a great martial artist but I feel like a lot of his roles hes taken on in recent years are too similar in personality. More often than not his roles center around him being a martial artist so perhaps he focuses a little more on that rather than his acting, which isn’t bad but it hinders his development as an actor. Still looking forward to watching him here and hopefully his character isn’t too bland.

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