Fan Bingbing for Vogue

Looking forward to watching Fan Bingbing in upcoming movie “Lady in the Portrait,” where she stars as the (step)Empress Ulanara? There haven’t been many promos released yet, so until then, take a look at her recent photoshoot for Vogue. More pictures below the cut. 
And one more, because Fan Bngbing is a pretty lady.

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2 thoughts on “Fan Bingbing for Vogue

  1. I see her more of a model than of an actress…. Really pretty, but needs more improvement on her acting skills here and there. IMHO.

    • Some years ago Fan did win for best supporting actress at the Golden Horse and best actress at the Tokyo Film Festival. She and some others like Ni Ni do seem to spend more time in the past few years at fashion events and photo shoots instead of film sets.

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