The Foxes of Azure Hills set to air in February

I am hoping that some of the improvements in production value from Qin’s moon carry over into this drama.

The Foxes of Azure Hills has released foggy stills with plenty of editing.  Starring Jiang Jinfu, Gulnazar, Jin Chen,  Mike D. Angelo (as Wu Yifan), Xiao Caiqi (as Sun Li),  Chen Yao, Zhang Ruoyun, Zhang RuoxuanJiang Kaitong (as Liu Shishi), Zhai Tianlin, Fu Xinbo and Wang Kai (as Yuan Hong), those looking forward to this drama can probably look for a late February release. This is the third drama to air in a role starring Jiang Jinfu (the other two being Qin’s Moon and The Adventure for Love 寻找爱的冒险, which airs on the 20th on Hunan TV), and the sixth with Wang Kai.

More stills below the cut.

9 thoughts on “The Foxes of Azure Hills set to air in February

    • Almost all ancient dramas are dubbed over because of the shooting environment. :( I think the show got moved ahead of schedule, so they ended up dubbing it in November, when Wang Kai was filming a drama and a movie. Plus, Tangren rarely lets the actual actors to dub over. It’s unfortunate because Wang Kai puts so much more effort into his voice than most.

    • The photoshop … you can’t tell who anyone is. Jiang Kaitong’s photo looks more like LSS than herself, and Wang Kai more like Yuan Hong than himself.

    • If you compare it with the costuming and general “look” of some of Tangren’s previous productions like Liaozhai and stuff, it looks pretty similar to what these actors have been dressed up like in the past.

      btw, idarklight, I’m choking back giggles here. Thanks for adding those! XD

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