Look into Tai-chi Master: The Ultimate Gateway

One of the perks of the Republican era is for costume designers to go to town combining Western and Eastern “looks.”

More stills for Tai-chi Master: The Ultimate Gateway have come out.  Starring Kevin ChengTang YixinLin YouweiYuan BingyanBai BingYing HaomingHuang WenhaoHe ZhonghuaMaggie SiuZou TingweiHao ZejiaWang Yao, and Jing Feng, those looking forward to this drama can get a taste of the sets and costumes.

More stills below the cut.

4 thoughts on “Look into Tai-chi Master: The Ultimate Gateway

  1. Hello again! Thank you for your previous reply to the interview question. Your response has been published here: https://aphilosopherchair.wordpress.com/awards/2015-alkemist-awards/

    To me, China has always been a heavyweight when it comes to historical productions. :) I have also published a list of potentially thought-provoking Asian dramas in 2016 here: https://aphilosopherchair.wordpress.com/2016/01/11/2016-drama-soup-for-the-soul/

    If you feel that it does a particular C-drama injustice not to include it in the list, please drop a note somewhere! :)

    • Thank you so much for this. Unfortunately, so many Chinese dramas seem to be pretty unpredictable in terms of how good they will be until we get at least a trailer or see the production itself so it’s pretty tough business IMO… :)

        • Dunno… I tend to focus on period dramas so Chang Ge Xing with Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong looks pretty decent to me so far but then there’s Ruby Lin’s track record of being Mary Sue… and The Imperial Doctress looks pretty good but the story looks set to exploit a ship-fest… and the costuming for Chronicle of Life looks okay so far but :/ Ice Fantasy with the costuming so far kinda looks not that exciting but with the amount of CGI that they are PLANNING to put into it we will probably really have to wait until we get a good trailer… The Princess of Lanling might be okay but I have a couple issues with some of the costuming… For similar reasons, Princess Weiyang/Weiyoung and Song of Phoenix may also have to wait but Love without a Trace seems to have some potential… For most of these, there’s at least some assurance in terms of costuming or production values from what we have seen so far but story is another issue entirely so maybe give them a look and see what you think. :)

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