The Legend of Miyue nears end

There are a number of problems for me in this drama, including plot holes, exaggerations that make me question realism, stereotypes about “nomadic” life that contradict what I am reading here (seems like the Yiqu were a bit more settled than depicted although surprisingly, the love affair seems to have actually happened so I can’t argue with that), and characters bent on short-term gratification that again make me question realism.

The Legend of Miyue has a couple more antique stills as it nears the end of its broadcast.  Starring Sun Li, Liu Tao, Huang Xuan, Jiang Xin, Ma Su, Gao Yunxiang, and Alex Fong, the drama has picked up pace near the end but I still feel there are problems with this drama that keep it from being what it could be.

More stills below the cut.


9 thoughts on “The Legend of Miyue nears end

  1. because i love Sun Li, I kept watching the episodes even after viii stopped subbing. I get the gist of what’s happening even without subs. Zhen Huan is definitely better, but i can still appreciate this drama, though the lack of plot made me skip some episodes. Liu Tao is a wonderful actress in this, and i’m definitely looking forward to her next drama.

  2. I stopped watching at one point because its pacing was too slow and it wasn’t as phenomenal as Zhen Huan. I found myself being more interested in Go Princess Go instead.

  3. I only watched the 1st episode and not ended up finishing it because the plot line reminds me of Wu Zetian…
    but did you see DengChao PS those photos with his face on SunLi’s?

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