Weibo Wednesday: January 6, 2016

To say this Weibo Wednesday is a little overdue is a huge understatement, considering there’s a post dating back to Halloween LOL. But oh well, better late than never, right? Happy New Year to everyone, and let’s have a quick recap of the past two months.

Tian Liang's son

田亮: 大家好,认识一下!我是一家四口之一,最美的妈妈和姐姐给我准备了蛋糕,最丑的爸爸想抢镜,被我p掉了[调皮]

Who is this cutie you’ve probably never seen? The answer is Tian Xinchen, the son of Tian Liang and the younger brother of Cindy Tian Yucheng. Wikipedia claims he was born on April 13, 2012, which would make him three years old, but that doesn’t explain why Tian Liang posted Xinchen’s birthday cake photo in early November.

Anyhoo, this is the first time (I believe) that we’ve gotten a look at Tian Liang’s son, so take a good look! He’s a real cutie.

Hello, everybody, let’s get to know one another! I am one in a family of four, and my most beautiful mother and sister prepared a cake for me. My ugliest father tried to steal the limelight from me, so I Photoshopped him out.

Vic Zhou and Reen Yu married

周渝民: 周太太真美!是的,我們結婚了。感謝各位朋友的祝福。

Vic Chou announced his marriage to actress Reen Yu on November 10, one day before China’s Single’s Day. (Though that wasn’t intentional — it was just the one day they and their witnesses had time to register their union.) They’ve been together for four years, and in true Zai Zai fashion, he popped the question when the two were eating together at home.

There hasn’t been any news on their upcoming wedding ceremony, but Zai Zai did share that he does not intend to invite the other F4 members, nor any other people from the entertainment industry. However, his bachelor party might be a different story. Congratulations to the two of them anyhow!

Wang Leehhom at 14 years old on Halloween

王力宏: 媽媽今天傳給我的14歲時的萬聖節吸血鬼扮相!萬聖節快樂!

Skipping back in time a little, Wang Leehom shared a photo of his teenage self dressed as Dracula for Halloween. I think the scariest thing about this picture is the fact that he looks more or less the same now, 25 years later.

Today, Mom sent me a picture of my vampire costume for Halloween from when I was 14 years old! Happy Halloween!

JJ Lin and the Peanuts movie

林俊杰: 剛剛為了健康檢查吃了瀉劑,這樣就不會有怪味道了! Cover your noses!

JJ Lin posted an adorable photo of himself with the cast of the Peanuts movie, which opened November 6 in China. It’s been really cute seeing him fanboy over Peanuts and the more recent Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Just ate laxatives for a physical examination. This way, there won’t be any strange smells! Cover your noses!

Han Han (cold) and Han Re (hot)

韩寒: 这谁做的图?笑点在哪?

Writer/director/racecar driver Han Han shared a hilarious photo that he presumably found online, which juxtaposes a picture of him all bundled up in jackets with a picture of him with his shirt off. The text on the photo says “Han Han” and “Han Re” (literally, Han Cold and Han Hot), poking fun at the fact that his given name means “cold.”

Who made this picture? What’s so funny?

Jimmy Lin with new twin boys

夢想家林志穎: 在大家的祝福下,两位小王子顺利诞生了,谢谢大家。[心]

On December 5, Jimmy Lin and family welcomed two new baby boys into the Lin clan. That’s three sons for Jimmy and wife Kelly Chen, who already have six-year-old Kimi Lin. The twins are called Jenson and Kyson.

Peter Ho's girlfriend Peggy

何润东: 为什么大家公布恋情都要发牵手照?!好吧,那我也不例外了…

Peter Ho announced that he was in a relationship in mid-December. His girlfriend is reportedly named Peggy, and they’ve been dating for 8 years but have kept it under wraps.

How come everyone posts hand-holding photos when going public with their relationship? All right, I guess I won’t be an exception…

Have you ever wondered why Wallace Huo, one of the most popular actors this year, doesn’t have a Weibo account? He revealed in an interview that he doesn’t ever plan to open a Weibo: “I don’t think my fans base their decision to watch my projects on how much or how little I interact with them online. Rather, it must return to the work itself. If the work isn’t good, then it’s no use even if you interact more.”

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  1. Tian Liang’s son looks a bit mixed. I’ve been watching the Hunan TV game show with Tian Liang. He’s actually one of the smartest contestants on there. It’s not fair he’s athletic, good-looking, nice, and smart. It’s unfortunate he can’t act, or else I bet he would have all the fangirls.

    Also, given that almost everyone’s had a second child, can season 1 of Where are we going? Dad reunite please for a second season?

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