Celebrating with Jiangsu TV’s New Year Concert

It seems like a while since we have done a music-related post so here’s to Jiangsu TV’s New Year Concert, featuring some of the biggest artists in the greater China region and Asia including but not limited to A-meiStefanie SunJolin Tsai, Fenghuang ChuanqiLi JianHu YanbingSNH48The OneZheng ChunyuanLi YuchunJ.J. LinChi ChangxuLi RonghaoS.H.E.Fish LeongTan Weiwei, Piao ShuSha BaoliangTao JingyingEkin ChengLin XiaofengXie TianhuaQian JialeDeng LixinWu YufeiFu YingYang AijinT-araWu MochouWei ChenDong ChengpengLi Xiang, and singers from Yizhan Daodi.  All those people in that poster above.  Heck the freakin’ show comes in like FOUR OVER-ONE-HOUR SEGMENTS!!

More video links below the cut.

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

6 thoughts on “Celebrating with Jiangsu TV’s New Year Concert

  1. i cannot wait to watch this! but looking at hte name… why is T-ara there though? other than that, really wanna see JJ Lin’s… and learn the other perofrmers. XD thanks!!

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