Wang Kai for every magazine possible


26+ photoshoots in 2 months. Wang Kai must’ve broken some type of record.

In the last two months,  Wang Kai has managed to become one of the most prolific magazine models of 2015,  with photoshoots for  Harper’s BazaarHarper’s Bazaar Jewelry (cover), Marie ClaireMarie Claire Beauty (cover), L’Officiel Hommes (cover), Women’s Health,  Femina, Grazia/In advertorial, Trends Health, Christian Dior/Trends Health advertorial,  Elle MenGoldlion/Elle Men advertorialGQ, GQ/Septwolves advertorialEsquire, Robb Report, FamousSina, Sohu, Modern LadyCar, Beijing Youth,  Cosmopolitan, CosmoBride (unreleased, cover),  The Knot(unreleased, cover), and even National Geographic Travel.

He’s actually a decent model for an actor, and seems to be willing to be photographed from every angle.  Selected photoshoots below, with links to full photoshoots above. Which ones are your favorite?


Me when I see a new Wang Kai photoshoot.

1. Wang Kai for Trends Health + Christian Dior advertorial




Wang Kai’s Foxes of Azure Hill, where he stars as a monster hunter opposite fox spirits Jin Chen and Zhang Xueying, is set for a spring release on Hunan TV.   For fans of his voice, this will unfortunately be the first drama where he will not dub himself.

He plays the resident sex appeal in Ode to  Joy, which is set for a summer release on Jiangsu TV/Sohu. His film with Jackie Chan and Huang Zitao is set for an October 2016 release. The not-yet-filmed detective drama is set for a Spring 2016 release on Jiangsu TV/Dragon TV/Tencent. No news yet on his currently-filming Stay with Me 放弃我,抓紧我, although winter 2016 would be nice so we’ll have a Wang Kai for every season.  There, he plays the head of a fashion corporation.

2. Wang Kai for Beijing Youth

Wang Kai for Beijing Youth



3. Wang Kai for Famous by Zhou Wei

4. And last but not least, my favorite photoshoot, Wang Kai for Harper’s Bazaar by Zack Zhang.





Wang Kai for Harper's Bazaar

7 thoughts on “Wang Kai for every magazine possible

  1. What a difference from a year ago! Virtually unknown until late this year and is now all over the radar. When does he find time to sleep with so many film projects, award shows, photo shoots, ceremonies, etc.

  2. wangkai in every season next year ^^ such a joy news, agree with @eleanor Foxes super lame not use his own sexy voice coz iam fans for that voice ^^

  3. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ So many hearts popping out of my eyes at all the beautiful photoshoots. It’s been a real treat to have to so much Kai Kai everywhere. Such a pleasure. That’s super lame about Foxes and him not dubbing in his own voice though. There’s pretty much no point to watch it with the sound on then ;P

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