Department Six releases character stills

Department Six, starring Raymond Lam, Dilraba, Alex FongYing HaomingGuo RuixiHuang WenhaoHe Zhonghua, and Li Dongheng, has released character stills.  These stills certainly help set the mood for the drama.

More stills below the cut.


4 thoughts on “Department Six releases character stills

  1. Hi,
    This is The Asian Drama Philosopher (A-Philosopher)’s Chair, a site that provides weekly analyses of literature, art and ideas featured in Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese/Chinese dramas. I am currently interviewing Asian drama bloggers for a year-end special on my site. I have highly enjoyed your coverage of hanfu in the past and hope that you can be the representative for Chinese drama reviewers.

    My question is simple: If you were to compare a C-drama of your choice to a magic spell, which drama and spell would they be? Maybe the Harry Potter spell “Accio!” because it summons people no matter how busy they are. Or maybe “Abracadabra” because it uses a very common formula but is undoutedly successful. If you are unfamiliar with spells of any kind, you can describe only the magic effect.

    Hope this is not taking up too much of your time!

    The A-Philosopher’s Chair

    • I can’t speak for everybody here but I would nominate Wuxin fashi as a Cheering Charm since that one was original and fun without going too overboard and still being good. Thanks for thinking of us! :)

        • I would probably argue that as of late, China has specialized more in period palace and scheming dramas but it’s kind of sad since there seems to be a notable decrease in other old-and-still-good genres like wuxia… although there does seem to have been an increase in xianxia and other fantasy-related genres lately.

          Wuxin was really enjoyably left-field for me because it’s from a time period I would usually avoid and it took strides to combine that with some comedy and fantasy elements and made everything work at the same time.

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