Jing Boran, Luhan co-star in “The Lost Tomb”


Jing Boran and Luhan versus Li Yifeng and Yang Yang, how can I ever pick between them!

Soon-to-be costars Jing Boran, Luhan pose for the cover of GQ. The two will star in The film version of The Lost Tomb, with Jing Boran playing Li Yifeng’s role in the net series and Luhan Yang Yang’s role. So far all the films and dramas in the two major tomb-raiding series have flopped, but this cast is so pretty I can’t help but still look forward to it.

Photo cr: fashionmodels@Weibo


Going to the bathroom together is the first step of being bff’s.

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4 thoughts on “Jing Boran, Luhan co-star in “The Lost Tomb”

  1. i actually haven’t seen them act in any of their stuff, but kinda looking forward to this one although i haven’t watched the series itself. hopefully i’ll find it with eng subs. XD thanks!

    • Be careful what you say,he tried his best okay!I shall not be rude and say anything about it but he is trying to juggle both his acting and artist career.Like as if you can.Rethink what you said

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