Tis the season for Wang Kai

L'Officiel Homme

With over 22 photoshoots, 5 dramas and 1 film airing, 2 dramas and 1 film filming in the past three months , ’tis the season to be jolly for Wang Kai fans old and new.

The drama drought of 2015 ended with The Disguiser and Nirvana in Fire, and they left behind them a new appreciation for actors who has both the looks and the acting skills. Actor Wang Kai s no doubt one of the biggest winner of the two shows.

But with great power comes great responsibility. He managed to sneak in at least 22  photoshoots for major magazines as well as multiple award ceremonies in between filming in the past two months.   Other than finishing Ode to Joy in November,  the actor has just finished up filming Railroad Tigers with Jackie Chan and Huang Zitao (Exo) on the 15th.  He flew to Shanghai the next day to shoot character posters for  Leave Me, Catch Me with Joe Chen Qiao’en and Kimi Qiao Renliang. The day after that, Beijing for a charity event and award ceremony.

On the 16th, Wang Kai has also been announced as the lead for Daylight Entertainment’s new detective series, 如果蜗牛有爱情, also by Ding Mo of Love Me If You Dare but thank goodness with a new scriptwriter. He plays (for the 4th time) a police/detective, but this time smarter, stockier, more mature, and finally has a girlfriend.


I can’t decide what I like more, Wang Kai, or life-sized lego reindeer sled.

All three of his series have been pre-ordered  and are set for 2016 releases, as is the film. More of the L’Officiel Hommes photoshoot, his first but certainly not last magazine cover, below the cut. I’ll do a photoshoot round-up soonish, because I have never seen an actor do this many photoshoots in such a short amount of time.




22 thoughts on “Tis the season for Wang Kai

  1. wait 5 dramas currently airing?
    I thought it’s just 3 – The Disguiser and Nirvana in Fire and Love Me If You Dare….
    what are the other 2?

    • 青岛往事 and 等你爱我. He guest stars as Huang Bo’s adopted son in the first 青岛往事. He plays a literature professor in the late 1930’s and is again an undercover CCP member. It’s pretty good and I highly recommend the Wang Kai cut (only 40 minutes) if you have the time.
      In 等你爱我, he’s the second male lead. He plays a cello professor who has a fake marriage with the main female character. It’s a soap opera so not that recommended.

  2. Wait please don’t tell me he just picked up Yu Zheng’s production as Ji Bai – the character that Jin Dong rejected? or at least please tell me they changed producers???

    • Oh no worries, Yu Zheng has the other Ding Mo book. No confirmed leads so far. Ji Bai is from a different title.

      • Oh so Yu Zheng has the one where both the female and the male lead has lost their memories and are trying to work out their past. I can totally see him messing with that title so spectacularly, I’ll cry.

    • This one is produced by his own company, not Yu Zheng. Although to be honest … I think Yu Zheng may have a better scriptwriting team than Hai Yan…

      • How bad are Hai Yan’s scripts? Yu Zheng’s scripts have caused my brain cells to undergo exponential decay. Although a few have been okay.

        • They’re different types of bad. Yu Zheng’s stories I can watch sometimes if I don’t think about them or watch it to make fun of it. LMIYD is one where I would just fall asleep.

          • Sometimes I think the value of watching Yu Zheng dramas is for the set/ props/ cinematography and the prettiness of the people in it. The storyline is usually irrelevant.

            LMIYD – having read the book, I though the script wasn’t too badly done since a lot of it has to worded that way to be logical. The main issue with it is the cast have absolutely ZERO chemistry which is weird since they have such good actors in it. Sandra Ma honestly just pulls the entire production down with her softly and horribly delivered lines and Wallace’s character is meant to be cold and non-interacting with everyone (and this is definately not his best acting). The whole pacing is incredibly slow and totally does not give off a crime thriller vibe.

            • I’ve always felt that Yu Zheng’s sets are good for palace dramas, but when he tries to do something like wuxia, it comes off as tacky and artificial.

  3. Sure glad to see him getting recognition and attention after 10 years of hard work. Just hope he is more selective of projects to avoid overexposure.

  4. As his fan I’m supremely worry for his health and the attention he getting. And the rumors and backlash did really happened. I’m glad Shangdong and producer Hou are still backing him tho.

    I think Ding Mo and Catch me if you Can is severely overrated. I personally thought Jing Dong fit the role better in If Snail know how to love (translation?) but at least it’s not a Yu mama production.

    • I don’t know why everyone’s so concerned about overexposure. I feel like it’s just something haters are saying because they are, well, haters. With most celebs, they use their overexposure as an additional selling point (i.e. even more exposure). I think he’s under-reported for the number of dramas he has airing. As long as the events + photoshoots don’t distract him too much from filming, I’m perfectly okay with Wang Kai bombarding the news 24/7.

      Also Love Me if I Dare is really quite crappy, but I blame most of it on the scriptwriter (Hai Yan).

      • I find it offensive being labeled ‘haters’ when showing concern for Wang Kai getting overexposure. We don’t want him following the paths of media hogs @ the disliked and overexposed Fan BingBing, Huang Xiaoming/AB

        • Correct me if I’m wrong, but fans are only concerned about overexposure because they’re concerned about what haters might say. Except haters are going to hate, so fans might as well just not care about them and enjoy all the Wang Kai they can get.

      • Hai Yan also wrote the novel and script for the acclaimed mega-hit Nirvana in Fire. Viewers on wiki.com love NIF and LMIYD.

        • Nirvana in Fire is my top drama of the decade but LMIYD is a struggle every single episode, save the first couple. Very boring – poor pacing. All style and no substance is what I think of it. So I guess my point is not all who love NIF is also a fan of LMIYD and even screenwriters falter (when it is not their own work?). You win some, you lose some.

          Not really looking forward to Snail, if the pacing is the same as LMIYD (it’s based on cases too). Fingers crossed it will be better!

        • NIF is only good because Hai Yan did a good job as a novelist and Li Xue made the show work by adding a lot of Su mansion cuteness. NIF is one of the best books that’s been adapted lately, but even for NIF, Hai Yan is not one of the best scriptwriters to adapt a book.

          LMIYD doesn’t have any main issues in the original, but as with any chick lit, adaptation is key. Hai Yan can’t write dialogues, control pace, nor write either comic relief and/or romance.

          • I thought underlying the chick lit was a thriller (or is it the other way around), what with gory cases, brilliant minds and serial killers. And then, there’re all the pretty faces and quirky professor and his ingenue.

            I am really really disappointed with my expectations of LMIYD (didn’t read the book but heard of the concept). But was the script truly SO different from the novel? They would have used much of the original dialogue, no?

            • That’s the issue, though. Hai Yan did a line-by-line run through of both NIF and LMIYD. NIF worked because it had a strong plot and tbh not that much dialogue in the first place. A lot of the romance in LMIYD is done by narration of the internal monologue of the characters. So when those are gone, the romance is weak. A lot of the descriptions in LMIYD could’ve been easily depicted through the use of the screen, but Hai Yan chose to put them into dialogue anyways, so it was redundant and repetitive.

              When I read LMIYD, I didn’t think it was amazing, but I could picture it being both a good romance and a good thriller. Unfortunately, it was draggy and dull :(

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