Music Monday: December 14, 2015

Good Morning Beautifuls!! Nothing is better than starting the day with cute babies and a good song =) This week’s lineup includes some familiar faces, some all-grown-up baby-faces, and some heartbreaking OSTs.

But first Grace Jie Jie’s daddy Gary Chao (曹格) wants to tell children of the world that Life Is Beautiful (美丽人生). Both of Gary’s children, Joe and Grace, are featured in this MV. Aren’t they just precious? <3

Boyband creator Li Yuchun (李宇春) have a new song out called Jerk, I Miss You (混蛋,我想你). As usual everything about this MV is on point.

Li Youting (李友廷) performing an acoustic cover of David Tao classic Day After Day 天天. Check out some of his other covers on his facebook page.

Who would’ve thought Ning Huanyu (宁桓宇) would be a rapper one day? Huan Huan and his team made a special trip to his hometown Gui Zhou 贵州 to capture these beautiful scenery for Putonghua (普通话). [So.. Umm.. This song was featured in two previous MM. Well what can I say? We love this song!]

Modern Sky’s duet act Milk@Coffee (牛奶咖啡) have a new single!! If you’re crying after listening to We’re Missing a Bit (我们只差一点点) blame lyricist Kiki and composer Ge Fei.

If you’ve been wonder what babyface Xu Hao‘s (徐浩) been up to? Wonder no more! The 22-year-old (yea I know right?!) sings about the loneliness of experiencing life alone; a Solo Song 一个人的歌 for a solo life. Enjoy these pretty stills from the MV. SERIOUSLY HOW IS HE 22?!!.

Into C-Hiphop? It’s been awhile Mister Almost MC HotDog 熱狗. Here’s the MV for his new single The Reunion (同学会).

Fall In Love Like A Star (怦然星动) is actually showing in select US cities. If you can’t make it to any of these cities, Please Contact (请跟我联络) Li Yifeng (李易峰).

Who’s watching The Legend of Miyue? Are the costumes as pretty in videos as they are in these posters?

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  1. I’ve been watching X Fire and thinking about how I wish Xu Hao + Zhu Zhu were in them (mostly because they’re prettier than most of the guys in X Fire).

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