Chronicle of Life releases more stills

See, Yu Zheng… Pink doesn’t HAVE to look overused and terrible!!

Chronicle of Life, starring Hawick Lau, Zheng Shuang, Zhang Binbin, Michelle Yim, Zhang Zhixi, Zhang Xiaochen, Wang Ruoxin, and Cheng Yanqiu, has released more stills.  The costumes and set look so nice so please go light on the angst unless there’s a due need for it… pretty please… *puppy eyes*

More stills below the cut.

I like how the costumes explore different colors without making me feel like I am looking through a rainbow…

Oooh… right… red lanterns… those are the cue in dramas for me to pucker up.

… and dancing is the cue for snow or flower petals to fall…

Fake or real, I am increasingly impressed with China’s ability to make sets…

4 thoughts on “Chronicle of Life releases more stills

  1. Oh man…the costumes and set look really gorgeous. But I have no hopes for the acting from the main leads. Watched both before and Hawick cannot ever convince me he’s capable of showing any emotion other than looking bored/cold. Zheng Shuang is a bit better at expressing herself but not so much that she would make this any easier to watch for me. Hope it’s enjoyable for other people.

  2. Does someone more well-versed in Qing dynasty know whether the French hood looking thing on Zheng Shuang’s head is a common headdress back then? I don’t remember ever seeing it before on TV.

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