Noble Aspirations begins filming

Noble Aspirations 青云志, starring Li YifengYiyang Qianxi, Wang YuanWang Junkai, and Yang Zi.  The story is an adaptation of Xiao Ding‘s novel Death of the Immortal 诛仙 seems to center around three individuals who escape a massacre and gain power through different sects and are also thrust into a love triangle.  The forecast for C-dramas sees the building of clouds over more other-media-related dramas.  Thanks to Hua Qian’gu, which I unfortunately did not enjoy, prepare for what looks like a deluge of Xianxia dramas.

More stills below the cut.

18 thoughts on “Noble Aspirations begins filming

  1. I started reading the series to see what I was setting myself up for…and I can honestly say that the story is similar yet dissimilar to HQG.

    There isn’t much in ways of ‘forbidden’ love in the teacher/disciple sense….and not even much in the opposing sects.

    The thing that’s making me umm and ahhh is the character Li Yi Feng is purported to play… Zhang Xiao Fan. around 100 chapters into the first novel and I’m about ready to pull out the paper shredder T_T

  2. Why do action/fantasy drama posters all seem to be clones of each other? Even the Chinese titles look the same with similar brush styles and formats.

  3. Whenever I see BaiZiHua in motion it brings back bad memories, :(. Like opening up a wound that has yet to heal. HQG was poorly executed even though they had an amazing cast and story.

    I’m happy to see more of YangZi. She’s a darling and has the acting chops!

  4. Ahhh, someone save me from the photoshopping. All of their faces are stretched to inhuman features, and looks (poorly) photoshopped on their bodies.

    I switched the photo above the top because it honestly gave me a fright when I first saw it. He had ginormous eyes and mouth and looked like a psychopath villain.

    P.S. On the positive side, happy that Qin Junjie got picked up by a big company.

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