Obligatory Legend of Miyue release post

Character overload… and stills… stills overload… stills diarrhea…

The Legend of Miyue will be releasing on November 30th.  Starring Sun Li, Liu Tao, Huang Xuan, Jiang Xin, Ma Su, Gao Yunxiang, Alex Fong, etc., more intrigue coming to you soon while we debate how female protagonists seem to be so lucky with men despite having to survive in the confines of the palace… but Liu Tao has wicked stills looking evil.

More stills and goodies below the cut.

Teaser, Trailer 2, Theme Song 1, Theme Song 2, Clip (This may be a part of the long trailer but some stuff seems fresh to me and I am a bit too lazy to check at this point), and waaaay too many behind the scenes for me to keep track of

13 thoughts on “Obligatory Legend of Miyue release post

  1. The stills look great, but I’m so tired of dramas centered on women fighting each other for the affections of one man. And there’s also this girl everyone is in love with. Can we have two women genuinely be friends for once? Excepting the cases in which one is a maid and stupidly loyal.

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