Chen Xiao, Yuan Shanshan crossdress for Above The Clouds


I want to melt in Chen Xiao’s eyes.

These stills of Chen Xiao and Yuan Shanshan in white for upcoming drama Above the Clouds are photoshoot-worthy. The pair looks so much in love, and the choice of Yuan Shanshan painting Chen Xiao’s eyebrows is especially a genius move.

The stills portray a show-in-a-show-in-a-show , where  Chen Xiao plays a modern-day actor playing an Republican era opera actor playing Consort Yuji to Yuan Shanshan’s actress playing an opera actor playing the warlord Xiang Yu.




Gender-switched Zhang Wuji vs. Zhao Min, anyone?


Ma Tianyu and M.I.C.  have serious competition.



That day when Yu Zheng finally understands the beauty of simplicity.

7 thoughts on “Chen Xiao, Yuan Shanshan crossdress for Above The Clouds

  1. Love this drama. You see the bad side of the entertainment industry. Chen Xiao and Yuan Shan Shan have great chemistry.

  2. I guess on the bright side there are plenty of different costumes…


    • Yes and no? I’m guessing that this is likely to be slightly episodic as the main characters act in a number of different dramas. Based on stills so far, there’s at least one in the Republican era, one in the Han, this one ( Three Kingdoms/pre-Han in the Republican), one modern, and some sort of fantasy/sci-fi where CHen Xiao is dressed up like a black angel.

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