Department Six releases trailer

Following in the trend of Ming dynasty secret police dramas comes Department Six, starring Raymond Lam, Dilraba, Alex FongYing HaomingGuo RuixiHuang WenhaoHe Zhonghua, and Li Dongheng.

More stills and spoilers (WARNING: At the end of the post) below the cut.

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Martial Arts Poses 101

TIL that Ming dynasty princes lived in Moulin Rouge themed mansions.

The story takes place during the middle of the Ming dynasty when the old emperor falls into unconsciousness, throwing the government into chaos.  The various princes coveting the throne fight endlessly and a string of murders occur which Department Six becomes responsible for solving.  Department Six’s leader Shen Muben attempts to smooth things over without getting his son, Shen Lixing (Raymond Lam), too embroiled in the current situation.

Meanwhile, Shen Lixing is quickly able to solve the case and uncover many secrets involving current palace infighting.  However, the case becomes more and more complex and he eventually uncovers a grave offense the Empress committed over a decade ago influencing imperial succession.

Due to this case, Shen Lixing’s father gets killed, resulting in Shen Lixing regressing into depression.  At this time, the emperor awakens and the Prince of Qi (Alex Fong) uses this opportunity to present Shen Lixing’s findings to him.  The emperor is enraged and imprisons the offenders and the Prince of Qi seems to become the next in line for the throne.

At this point, Shen Lixing suddenly finds out that the one who murdered his father was in fact the Prince of Qi’s subordinate Su Yiqing (Dilraba).  Shen Lixing attempts to take revenge for his father by passing the truth to the masses, forcing the Prince of Qi to stage a revolt.  With Shen Lixing’s help, the country puts down the rebellion and the proper successor takes the throne.

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