The Braveness of the Ming releases trailer

Apparently, none of the extras dare show their face in the presence of the beauty of Zhang Han…

The Braveness of the Ming has released more stills and a trailer, starring Zhang Han, Park Min-youngJones Xu Zhengxi, and Wei Qianxiang.  These give us a better idea of how the costumes will look in action and the sets… and the necessary people walking away from explosions…

More stills below the cut.



3 thoughts on “The Braveness of the Ming releases trailer

  1. Why is it that characters only ever seem to figure out they’re in love when one of them nearly dies (I’m inferring this from the fact that ZH is in sleepwear…i.e. the white inner garments…could be wrong and he ran after her when he woke up *shrugs*)

    Is the novel a HE?

    • Eh, in the novel I believe he has a bunch of wives and loves them all (and they all love him), but none of them are really that important… My guess is that for the drama, they’re going to combine some of the girls and/or make it so he’ll only love one. It’s really not a romance novel despite the trailer, so I don’t know if either they end up together or not, or if romances really matter in terms of a person’s ending if it was never a big part of their life.

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