Ice Fantasy wishes you a Happy Halloween


Ice Fantasy, aka the prettiest LOTR cosplayers ever.

As your resident everything-from-Guo-Jingming-is-so-pretty  parrot, I must say  the costumes for both Ice Fantasy and L.O.R.D.  disappointed me.   Ice Fantasy is completely white washed and has no trace of the Chinese mythology components left, but at least its not plain fugly like that of the more traditionally Western fantasy L.O.R.D.

Nevertheless, at least the cast of Ice fantasy, consisting of Feng Shaofeng, Ma Tianyu (who play brothers of many lifetimes), Victoria Song Qian, Xu Jiao, Zhang Meng, and Wang Duo look pretty.  I just hope  they don’t try too hard to erase the fact that this was written as a bromance novel (cough, Nirvana in Fire). Also,  I understand the white hair is a major symbol in the story, but I really don’t understand why the two leads need to be blue-eyed. I’m judging Feng Shaofeng so hard right now for agreeing to do this. He should be a better actor than one who acts with colored contacts.


White, braided wig, blue eyes. a crown with a giant plastic snowflake, a scepter with skulls, Feng Shaofeng doesn’t need a costume for Halloween anymore.

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18 thoughts on “Ice Fantasy wishes you a Happy Halloween

  1. I don’t understand why ice fantasy is heavily criticized? In my view, its the best chinese fantasy drama. Makers tried really hard to visualise like novel and they did 100% in everything whether costume, hair styles, set, presentation, music, graphics, cast etc…

    • Apparently they actually got the person who did the styling in LOTR.

      I’ve never read Ice Fantasy but I thought it was a western based novel not chinese mythology based so the costumes makes sense?

      • They had Dan Hennah, who did the set design for LOTR but did not touch costumes. Even if it’s the same costume designer, they should’ve adapted their designs for this story instead of recycling an old design for a different fantasy realm.

        L.O.R.D. is a complete Western fantasy, but Ice Fantasy is more similar to the Japanese tradition of mixing Eastern and Western mythology. A key concept of the novel is reincarnation. It’s also clear that much of the book also borrows from the Classics of Mountains and Seas. Plus, several of the characters play the guqin in the book, but from the photos released so far, they changed it to a harp. =_=

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