Sinology Sunday: Sam Sanzetti’s Shanghai


Scenes of Shanghai from 1922 – 1955 shot from Sam Sanzetti’s Shanghai Studio.

Like the people of the time, Shanghai’s fashion was caught between past and future,  the East and the West.  With a large foreign population, including a Japanese military occupation, a booming European and American business industy, and a Jewish refugee ghetto, Shanghai was the height of fashion in China at the time.  Here was a city where people might dress in hanfu or qipao, a petticoat or  a flapper dress.  

More photos below the cut and here, here, and here.



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4 thoughts on “Sinology Sunday: Sam Sanzetti’s Shanghai

  1. Beautiful photos! I recently read an interview with Marjorie Liu, author of the graphic novel Monstress which is set in an alternate reality turn of the century China, where she talked about pre-WWII Shanghai becoming a very popular setting for Chinese genre fiction. Her take is that is was such a mixture of cultures that almost anything was possible and so authors are free to write almost any storyline. It made me think of Wu Xin: The Monster Killer and The Lady & The Liar.

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