The Disguiser releases backstory, set for sequel along with Nirvana in Fire


《Ming Lou’s gun pointed at Ah-Cheng’s head, yelling: “Speak! Once wrong word, and you’re dead.” 》                                                                                          – Paris, Winter of 1935

Producer Hou Hongliang confirmed there are talks of a movie version of The Disguiser and a second series loosely related to Nirvana in Fire, but with a different set of characters. Hou said he had originally planned to do a series for NIF, where each series is focused on a different person on the List of Langya.

In addition, author/scriptwriter Zhang Yong has written a mini-story of The Disguiser set when Ming Lou (Jin Dong), Ming Cheng (Wang Kai), and Wang Tianfeng (Liu Yijun) were in Paris.  This story is connected to her next book in the series, which focuses on the family of  Ming Cheng’s team leader “Ashtray”.     Below the cut is the translated opening.

I want the movie to be this prequel so much.  Just thinking of Ming Lou reading Dante in a Parisian café while Ming Cheng paints the Seine makes my heart melt. There they lit the flames of revolution and the future, and hid away that light underneath layers of disguises.


Someone has an enjoyment of watching Wang Kai being shot.

It turns out that while in Paris, Ming Lou and Ming Cheng actually became secret agents without telling each other.  They only discovered each other’s identity when Ming Lou was assigned with Wang Tianfeng to wipe out Ming Cheng’s team while undercover in the Blue Shirts.

Someone on Ming Cheng’s team betrayed them and his entire team got wiped out, leaving only Ming Cheng because he was studying in Leningrad at the time.  It was only then when he went under Ming Lou’s wings. Ming Cheng’s code name is jade porcelain.

Ashtray and Jade Porcelain
author: Zhang Yong
translator: idarklight@Cfensi

Two past midnight, Avenue des Champs-Élysées.  A horse-drawn carriage is coming through. The streets are lit brightly, the wheels squealed as it scattered the snow. The carriage slowed down until it reached a stop in front of a flower shop with pink stained glass. A woman wearing a bright red coat came out from the flower shop. Under the street lamp, her figure is small and she tread softly.

In a window across the street is a rifle aimed at the woman following her movement. Suddenly, “Bang!” The woman’s head was blasted by the person on the carriage. Without even a chance to scream, the woman fell in the snow. Her red jacket fell to the ground along with the blood.

The man holding the rifle, Wang Tianfeng, was stunned for a second. Before he could react, the carriage rushed away. Wang Tianfeng cursed. As he finished, he heard a loud clanking sound. The door of the flower shop flew open, broken through with force. Someone had smashed the door open from the inside. The pink stained glass shattered immediately, the shards flying everywhere like fireworks. Wang Tianfeng recollected himself and aimed at the two figures that broke through. In his line of vision, two people appeared.

But the next scene was not what Wang Tianfeng had expected.

In the blizzard, Ah-Cheng wore only a snow-white buttoned-up shirt (idarklight: I presume pants, too). His hands held back, he fell on the snow. He almost kneeled next to the woman’s corpse. Ming Lou wore a black leather jacket, his hands holding a double-barreled shotgun mercilessly pointed at Ah-Cheng’s head.

The shotgun held to his head smelled of death.

The fresh blood on the snow blinded Ah-Cheng with its fiery red, reminding him that “Ashtray” had already become a martyr, and that  he is now facing a death trap. The cold draft brought down a stream of snow, hitting Ah-Cheng’s head and neck, chilling him to the bones. In front of him are two tracks, the only marks left by the murderer.

The filmsy shirt cannot stand against the invasion of the chill. Ah-Cheng was shaking from the chill and looked like a convict on death row, frozen from the cold and stupefied from the blood.

He must be brave, he must be strong, he must live.

Ming Lou’s gun pointed at Ah-Cheng’s head, yelling: “Speak! One wrong word, and you’re dead.”

Ah-Cheng remained kneeling in the snow, his eyes red with blood and white with snow. Ming Lou’s eyes were filled with coldness as he starred at the trembling Ah-Cheng . Wang Tianfeng had walked downstairs and is now approaching the two with his rifle.

Ah-Cheng heard the sound of a click of the shotgun bolt.

“Last chance!”  Ming Lou said.

Silence, dead silence. Other than the drifting of the snow, the world seems to have stopped.


Nine hours earlier, the Latin Quarter, student’s dormitories.


Chinese original: Weibo

18 thoughts on “The Disguiser releases backstory, set for sequel along with Nirvana in Fire

  1. I definitely want a young Ming Lou and A Cheng a lot. I hope it’s the same actors, though. The plot is nice, but it was really the chemistry between JD&WK that made the two characters shine so much. Either way, I am looking forward to a movie.

    I don’t know what can be done with a sequel to LYB, though. The ending was so perfect as it is.

  2. When I was reading this, I totally pictured Ni Ni as Ashtray. If Ashtray has a lot of scenes and interactions with the leads, this prequel will be perfect because it gets rid of the lead couple (sorry Hu Ge, you should just star in another LYB sequel because Mingtai is meh), will get them an actual actress who can make this a more legit movie without having to introduce a new male lead.

    Ni Ni is just so beautiful in red, and so perfect for that era. And plus, how nice it’ll be to have a female lead with no romantic relationship to any of the male leads.

    • If they were making a movie they should have someone like NiNi to get audience to buy the tickets. But consider all the actresses under producer Hou, I want to see Jiang Xin in this series tho. She would be super bad-ass and a great mentor to Ming Cheng in oppose to Ming Lou.

      I mostly want to see Ming Cheng in a white button up splattered with blood. Because that’s the definition of innocent ruined right there.

      I think Hai Yan is doing a decent job in “love me if you dare” (I can’t stand more than 15 chapters of the novel). She gave Wang Kai much more screen time and develop his character more (people say she treated his character in lang ya bang like a step mother). Though my issue with her is that she dumbed down the female lead a to give officer Li more lines.

      • But Wang Kai and Jin Dong both have been in a lot of shows together with Jiang Xin already. Ni Ni is new. XD

        I find Officer Li to be kind of boring, tbh. Most of his lines are essentially narration so there’s not that much character development. Right now all of the characters are just there in limbo where they lack personality. Except Andy and occasionally Bo, I feel like most of their lines are interchangeable. But I can’t complain about the lines because at least it gives me more time to look at Wang Kai’s face.

        • I was excited about the series for the cases only to find out it’s mostly romance. In the book tho Officer Li have even less screen time and personality. Here, he kinda take Jin Yao’s lines where he have conversation with Bo to bounce ideas of off each other. That suppose to be both exposition and showing a love connection between the two. I’m not sure give all those lines to Wang Kai is a good idea since you know how easy the fans are with pairing up people.

          Do you know who Wang Kai is paired up with in Ode of Joy?

          • Even after reading parts of the book, I was hoping that they would change the script so that it was more crime-solving and less romance since Shandong doesn’t usually do romance, but alas, Hai Yan did nothing to improve upon the book…

            Central Drama alum Wang Ziwen. They played a non-canon pair back in 2005. Apparently 90% of his scenes in Ode to Joy consist of them making out….

            • After all the abuse and lack of pairing from the last 5 drama he’s in (if you’re not counting the male pairings). I guess Wang Kai deserve some happiness and cutesy romance.

              I think i’ll wait until the drama finished to decide whether I will continued watching love me if you dare. All I care about is the case and officer Li anyway.

              • Wang Kai mentions that he, as an actor, don’t favor cutesy romance. He seems to like portraying rigid characters, with “brotherhood” (cough,bromance,cough).

  3. AHHHH. I want this so much. I want young A Cheng and Ming Lou (and Wang Tianfeng) the college years. And their relationship. A Cheng’s code name is so beautiful and more subtle than the rest.

    It only make sense that they make more series based on Lang Ya Bang since they barely mentioned the people on it at all. I thought the book was kind spare but the series was worse. Too bad it won’t be the same cast tho.

    • I want to see them in college so much. I want to see them when they stood under the light, when their eyes glistened with hope and dared to show it, and then watch them put on the layers of disguise one by one.

      And the relationships, I want to see how Ming Cheng grew from a protected child to a confident of Ming Lou, and how hard it must’ve been for them to hide their identities from each other.

      Hu Ge had said the new LYB might be the same cast? I just hope they would bring in a new script-writer… Hai Yan can help with the story development, but they really need someone else to tighten the dialogue.

      • Well there is no novel to base a new LYB series on so I guess it is free for all. I think Hai Yan could still be on the team for story development to contribute ideas but someone else can write the actual script.

        I wonder which character on LYB it will focus on though?

        • The back story to rescuing Fei Liu should involve a lot of Jin Dong. MAN that would be something awesome to behold….

      • If the movie is set in the college years, then the production team might bring in a younger cast to play the parts. They wouldn’t be the same Ming Lou/Ming Cheng I fell in love with. BTW, thanks for the wonderful translation :)

        • I don’t think they would do that since a big part of the Disguiser are the actors, and they would want all the fans possible to make it a box office success. Especially since JD/WK are in Shandong/Zhengwu Yangguang, they would benefit a lot by having a success movie tacked onto their resume.

          Also, WK’s new drama is rumored to be partly set in Paris. So if they don’t film the college years, I’m sure some fan is going to make a fanvideo of it using clips from that drama. ;b

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