As long as they don’t start playing this song

Tai-chi Master: The Ultimate Gateway has released more character stills.  Starring Kevin ChengTang YixinLin YouweiYuan BingyanBai BingYing HaomingHuang WenhaoHe ZhonghuaMaggie SiuZou TingweiHao ZejiaWang Yao, and Jing Feng, some of these stills are making this drama pretty tempting, even though I usually avoid Republican era dramas due to some… errr… creative costuming preferences I’ve seen evolve and the history of the time period.

More stills below the cut.

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One thought on “Tai-chi Master: The Ultimate Gateway releases character stills”

  1. I, too, avoid republic era dramas like plague. But having watched “Wuxin: The Monster Killer,” I’m willing to give that era another try. Hopefully, the kungfu scenes will be so spectacular that everything else just melts into the background.

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