Weibo Wednesday: October 21, 2015

Tang Yan with moon cake

唐嫣: 今天你们都吃了什么口味呀?[色][馋嘴][耶]

During this past round-up, our favorite celebrities celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival (aka the Moon Festival) and got up to some other shenanigans. Kicking us off is Tang Yan and her picture-perfect moon cake. She’s currently filming the movie Bounty Hunter (赏金猎人) and will follow that up with the drama The Princess Weiyoung (锦绣未央). As always, keeping busy.

What flavor [of moon cake] did you all eat today?

Yang Yang for Moon Festival

杨洋icon: 今天得吃八个月饼[拜拜]

If sharing a moon cake with Tang Yan is not your cup of tea, then there’s always Yang Yang! Catch him opposite Zheng Shuang next year in the drama Wei Wei Yi Xiao Hen Qing Cheng (微微一笑很倾城), which is looking super adorable based on the stills.

Have to eat eight moon cakes today

Peter Ho with pomelos

何润东: 拿弓箭射苹果已经out了,这两天射柚子吧!中秋猜谜吧,你们猜猜我画的这几个柚子是我接下来要上映的哪几个角色。[嘻嘻][嘻嘻]

And if moon cakes just aren’t your thing at all, then you can always take one of Peter Ho‘s pomelos and wear it on your head! Looks like he has lots to spare, after all.

Using a bow and arrow to shoot an apple is already out, so these two days, shoot pomelos! A Mid-Autumn riddle, guess which of my upcoming characters I’ve drawn on these pomelos.

Ivy Chen in Venice

陳意涵 : 威尼斯~倒立不容易

Ivy Chen visited Venice and did her trademark handstand-while-vacationing.

Venice~ It’s not easy to do a handstand

Sun Li deciding between Deng Chao and Deng Dengdeng

turbosun: 今天我生日,他们都想和我约会,选谁?

Sun Li celebrated her 33rd birthday on September 26, but she couldn’t decide whether to spend it with husband Deng Chao or son Deng Dengdeng. Her newest project, the drama Legend of Miyue (芈月传), is scheduled to air on November 30 on Dragon TV. She’s also starring alongside her husband in Devil and Angel (恶棍天使), a comedy film that will be released on Christmas Eve.

Today is mjy birthday. They both want to go on a date with me. Whom should I choose?

Ni Ni and Mickey Mouse for Uniqlo

倪妮V: Magic for all[喵喵][喵喵][喵喵]@优衣库_UNIQLO 快来玩[哈哈]

Ni Ni, who was one of the beautiful bridesmaids at Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy‘s wedding earlier this month, also recently became a spokesperson for Uniqlo. How does she make their simple clothing style look so good?

Magic for all. Come and play.

Chen Xiang with new puppy

陈翔橙 : 给大家介绍一下家里的新主人 “五仔” 本想叫他“男神”来着 就怕别人一叫 我回头了 多尴尬 [阴险][阴险]

Chen Xiang introduced his new puppy and a silly joke that makes him all the more endearing.

Introducing everyone to the new master in the home, “Wu Zai.” I originally wanted to call him “Mr. Perfect” but I was afraid that when people called him, I would turn my head in response. How embarrassing would that be?

Jimmy Lin and wife Kelly expecting twin boys

夢想家林志穎: #6000万粉丝礼物# 告诉大家一件开心的事情:kimi以后要照顾两个弟弟!以后是一家五口啦![太开心][太开心][太开心]

Y’all remember when Jimmy Lin announced two months ago that he and his wife were expecting another baby? Well, make that two babies. Yes, Kimi Lin is going to be a big brother to twin boys.

Going to tell everyone some happy news: in the future, Kimi is going to have to take care of two little brothers! In the future, we’ll be a family of five!

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