Ban Shu Legend released today

Shouldn’t have chosen the image with him holding the sword.  Now he looks like he’s giving somebody a lobotomy.

Bath Salts Legend Ban Shu Legend is released via the Internet today (October 16).  Starring Jing Tian, Zhang ZhehanLi Sheng, Li Jiahang,  Fu Xinbo, Li Xin’ai, and Deng Sha, China’s really going on a period roll in terms of drama releases… although by the looks of it, this one is way too far up K land for my tastes…

More stills below the cut.

16 thoughts on “Ban Shu Legend released today

  1. I think Ban Shu is somewhat related to Female Prime Minister, a drama I moderately enjoyed. I hope that our heroine will be sassy without being boorish, has a sense of justice and the brain to do it without getting herself in trouble. Not too much to ask I hope?

    • You’re right, it’s other name is Female Royal Tutor, it’s meant to be a sequel of sorts to Female Prime Minister :)

    • She is.
      She’s smart, spunky, optimistic, knows how to get herself out of trouble. Sense of justice: check.

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