Photoshoot Friday: Men’s Roundup


Featuring Huang Xuan, Zhang Yunlong, Jing Boran, Wallace Huo, Wang Kai, Lin Dan, and William Chan.

1. Huang Xuan for Harper’s Bazaar.  He just finishing drama Interprète 翻译官 with Yang Mi and Zhang Yunlong.


2. Zhang Yunlong on the street. He just finished Interprète 翻译官, too.


3. Jing Boran for Femina. Not sure what he’s doing now.


4. Wallace Huo. He plays a criminal psychologist and his evil alter ego in crime-solving romance Love Me if You Dare, which will be out next week.

5. Wang Kai for who knows what. He plays a brainwashed police officer in Love Me if You Dare with Wallace Huo. He is currently filming as a doctor in Ode to Joy with Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, and Zu Feng.

6.  Lin Dan for his own  underwear ad.


7. William Chan for SoCool. His drama, The Legend of Zu, with Zhao Liyin was recently available online. He just finished filming wartime film, The Bombing with Bruce Willis, Liu Ye, Song Seung-heon, and Nicholas Tse.


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