The Foxes of Azure Hills releases more stills

You get pointy ears!  You get pointy ears!  Every-body gets pointy ears! 2:40

The Foxes of Azure Hills has released more stills after its trailer.  Starring Jiang Jinfu, Gulnazar, Jin Chen,  Mike D. AngeloXiao Caiqi,  WuXin: The Monster Killer couple Chen Yao and Zhang Ruoyun, real-life couple Jiang Kaitong and Zhai Tianlin, and idarklight’s biases  Fu Xinbo and Wang Kai. It will be interesting to see Tangren return to making this type of drama after a while (Liaozhai Zhiyi and Liaozhai Qi Nvzi).

More stills below the cut.


Chen Yao and Zhang Ruoyun collaborate once more after a doomed relationship in Wuxin: The Monster Killer

Doesn’t Wang Kai’s outfit here reminds you of Yuan Hong’s in LoCH 2008?

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