Song Yi as The Black Widow in the Disguiser


First a courtesan then an assassin, Song Yi’s character has the innocence of a child even in the most turbulent of times and the most tragic of lives.

Deadly and seductive yet sweet and innocent at the same time, Song Yi 宋轶’s character  won over the audience with her charm and beauty in The Disguiser.  Nicknamed The Black Widow for killing her husband on their wedding night, Yu Manli  was pardoned from a death sentence in exchange for becoming a secret agent.  She is paired with Hu Ge‘s character in her missions and the two become life-and-death partners.  Alas, his love is too idealistic and has no room for a girl from the streets like her.

The Central Drama Academy graduate recently signed under fellow alumni Zhang Han‘s workshop and will be collaborating with him in upcoming drama The Legendary Tycoon 传奇大亨  about the Shaw Brothers.  I also highly recommend the second part of The Lovebirds series , for which she plays a female lead in the second part.


The best wedding photo.

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Does it smell of lavender? Or cyanide? Song Yi plays  one of the cutest assassins ever.


Her eye size: face size ratio is probably among the top 10 in Chinese entertainment.


I think the reason why assassins wear black is to hide themselves at night, not to be the most conspicuous person in the daytime…




I’ve realized that crying prettily is a skill that comes with good acting. Hence why all the Central guys are prettier criers than most girls.




Did I mention how pretty her eyes are?

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  1. Started watching this drama and I must ask am I the only one who doesn’t like her? In fact, came here for spoilers on whether or not she sticks around for long as she’s really grating on my nerves. She’s supposed to be a traumatised yet deadly. Yet, she’s inefficient, fickle and eight episodes in and Hu Ge’s character has had to save her multiple times. Basically, she is the female character pet peeve. I absolutely cannot stand supposedly strong female characters who constantly cry and need rescue. IT doesn’t help that the drama has constantly raised my hopes up with her near departure and death. When she was supposed to leave, she came back. When she was supposed to die, in comes Hu Ge’s character. It’s making me seriously dislike this drama because she is a character that the script would be perfectly fine without as so far she’s adding nothing to the overall plot. She feels like the typical female they slotted in to ease the sausage fest. She does so many stupid things that make me wonder how in the world she’s supposedly in a military academy when she can’t even control herself. Mind you, she’s the top student?

    • Oh, just keep watching. The general trend of feelings about Ming Tai’s plot is Yu Manli is annoying —> Ming Tai is so incapable that Yu Manli is too good for him —> Jinyun is so incapable that Ming Tai is too good for her – > nvm, Ming Tai is even dumber – > or is it Jinyun? -> nope, Ming Tai -> Oh, wow, Jinyun has stooped to a new level of stupidity – > nope, Ming Tai is still the worst. In comparison, I don’t think Yu Manli ever makes a mistake in future missions. The Ming Tai plot in general is kind of a fight for the most ooc and stupid character ever.

    • I’m 9 episodes in and I seriously dislike that Yu Man Li girl. It’s not just about how annoying her character is as a whole, but the very bad acting that infuriates me. All the actress (Song Yi) does is frown all day with teary eyes, breathes heavily to signify her panic throughout the entire 9 episodes (so far), screeches in her high pitch voice while frowning and crying, and basically is a weepy creature who is a pain in the neck to watch. It’s very painful to continue watching the series so I think I’ve reached my limit and shall stop here. There’s really nothing intriguing about the story… Plus when you add in the infuriating Yu Man Li character and horrendous acting, I think I’ve already wasted enough time on this highly disappointing series.

  2. wow! It’s exactly what I think! I love The Disguiser soooooooooo much!! I am Chinese and everyone around me is watching it ! The Disguiser is not usually my genre but I tried it anyway since everyone is recommending it , and my whole front page at Weibo is actually so crazy about The Disguiser that I had to see the drama just to understand my friends’ weibo(something like twitter). Personally, I wanted so badly to had Yu Man Li couple with Ming Tai. They just had that chemistry !!! Cheng Jin Yun and Ming Tai actually feels weird when they are together, and I’m glad that everyone around me seems to share the same view with me that they don’t really think Cheng Jin Yun and Ming Tai matches each other.

  3. Just finished watching The Disguiser :( I’m so sad that such a good drama has ended, the whole script, acting, cinematography was amazing (even though it was a genre that I normally avoid). Also sad at certain events and people in the last episode (don’t want to spoil for people who haven’t watched yet)

  4. Watching Wei Zhuang Zhe right now, and it’s AMAZING. It’s been so long since Hu Ge’s had any dramas. I usually don’t go for the mystery/japanese-slash-nationalism-battle type movies cuz they tend to be too dry, lacking in plot, boring, and tragic. I’ve definitely cried a lot so far, but the tears are kind of worth it. The acting is Absolutely. SUPERB! Even from Song Yi, who isn’t as much of a veteran as the others. And for once the plot is pretty tight and super interesting. Both Lang Ya Bang and Wei Zhuang Zhe have been amazing, and since they’re by the same production people (i think?), I hope the same peeps continue producing more dramas together, because they’re pretty damn good. Anyways.
    I think Song Yi is exceptionally pretty as Yu Man Li, she really fits the early 1900’s shanghai style. The hair, the fitted qi-pao, all look amazing on her. She’s definitely naturally beautiful, but I feel like this style fits her better than her style in Cuo Dian Yuan Yang, for example. Plus she and Hu Ge has amazing chemistry. In the disguiser, my only issue acting-wise and just character-wise was Hu Ge’s (or Ming Tai to be specific) supposed girlfriend. I feel like they (sorry, I forgot her name, both character and actress…that’s how unmemorable she was) didn’t have much chemistry, plus the attraction sort of sprung up weird. I don’t really see how Hu Ge fell in love with her. They met, he was attracted, they met maybe 3 more times, and he was in love. idk. Oh well. Plus, visually I think Song Yi and Hu Ge look good together, esp when they’re in spy mode and are dressed up like elegant rich people, with Hu Ge in a threepiece suit and Song Yi in her flowery qi-pao and fur-shawl-thing. I’m really starting to love her because of her role in Wei Zhuang Zhe.

    • Dude I completely agree! I fell in love with Wei Zhuang Zhe it’s so freaking good! And Song Yi is amazing; I wanted her to be with Hu Ge SOOO BADLY! Hu Ge’s actual female interest annoys me haha. I never thought I would like a drama so much (after being disappointed again and again by other ones) but The Disguiser has blasted my expectations. Witty dialogues, intense scenes, adorable humor, I honestly love it.

      • My feelings exactly. Totally did not expect that much out of it in the first place, especially after all the dramas I had been looking forward to disappointed me. I was hooked on day 1, and totally fell in love by the time Ming Lou and Ming Cheng were painting together. I don’t think I’ve ever followed a drama so intently.

    • Her costumes and role is much better here than in the Lovebirds. She’s so pretty but doesn’t look cookie-cutter. I’m really happy that she signed with Zhang Han since he seems to have pretty good connections.

      Hu Ge is actually filming another Shandong TV production right now, as are Jin Dong and Wang Kai (but not the same one). Also, rumors are that there are plans for The Disguiser and LYB to become series. The author’s already revealed some back story of Ming Lou/Ming Cheng/Wang Tianfeng, and fans are all begging for a prequel to The Disguiser.

      Apparently Ming Lou and Ming Cheng had both joined as secret agents without telling each other while in Paris, and didn’t know each other’s identities until Ming Lou was assigned (by the KMT) to kill Ming Cheng’s boss. Ming Cheng’s entire team was wiped out when Ming Cheng went to study at the Leningrad Frunze Academy of Military Communications after college. I want a drama version of this so much. Just the mental image of Ming Cheng painting by the Seine makes my heart blossom.

      • Do you know if this drama is considered popular in China right now? If it’s popular enough…a prequel might actually be possible!

  5. Is the Disguiser Eng subbed anywhere? Dying to watch but can’t follow without subtitles! Thank god Nirvana on Fire is being English subbed!

    • Not that I know of. Since it’s not an idol drama (although it is cuter than most idol dramas) and not an ancient drama, I feel like it has a small chance of being on any subbing group’s radar. I’m hoping some of them will see how awesome it is and pick it up, or maybe the channel that subbed All Quiet in Peking will also sub this.

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